Explosives, and blowing up stuff - my suggestions

  • Grenades: Grenades should do absolutely no damage to structures, but have a very high blast radius - just with a lot of that radius not being too harmful. Standing on top of a grenade should down you over 80 hp, and instakill you with no proper clothing, and the general blast radius should be very high but the majority of that radius shouldn’t be too harmful, so you can feel a blast from pretty far (over 3-4 metal floors away I guess?) but it wouldn’t be too painful.

  • Structural Damage: You should be able to damage almost everything on the map - including houses, towers, etc. Seeing as we’re using Unreal Engine I believe this is completely possible. Every destroyable object would have a “destroyed” counterpart and an animation that transitions to it (example: blow up the legs of a radio tower, the entire thing gets covered in smoke, and it begins to fall over, something like that idk.) All spawn nodes for items/vehicles get destroyed when the house/tower is broken. Anyone on top of the tower falls and suffers damage. It’d be a hard system to set up but pretty cool.

  • Fire: Would be the same as above, except slowly damaging the house. This can happen when a campfire/oven is left on for too long or something, idk.

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Why would grenades not do damage to structures? I think the alight damage they do are reasonable enough.

I also dunno if the game could stand every building and item in the game being destroyable.

And fire will spread across flammable surfaces, though we dunno how it will work.

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First off i dont think you understand how grenades work when they are activated they shoot shrapnel which is what does does the damage , there is also the blast which could kill you by knocking you intro a wall but for the sake of gameplay lets say it isnt that strong but in a building a grenade would do its maximum damage since all the shrapnel would hit it so if anything they should do even more damage to buildings

I think it should have something like 80 damage when you have armor as you said and the force of the blast would make you dizzy for a few seconds and your ears would ring , i dont think it should insta kill a player but i guess it would be a rare item so it would be ok to kill a naked at a close distance to the grenade

I dont rly know how much 3-4 metal floors away is but i think it shouldn’t be more then 3-4 meters and i think that there should be a posibility to get hit by shrapnel as long as you are in its blast radius and if you dont get hit by shrapnel you should get that debuff i said before when you get dizzy and i imagine it would make it harder to aim a bit

I dont rly think it would be such a good idea to be able to destroy almost everything on a map maybe if U2 is in the same univers as U1 but a few years later a lot of buildings would be damaged and maybe being able to destroy certain places wouldnt be bad but having the ability to destroy everything doesnt sound a very good

As i just said i dont think this would be a good idea maybe even worse then before , think of it like this someone sets fire to a house in a big city just to troll and the entire city would burn down plus a big fire like that would cause a lot of lag

That’sats what i was thinking destructable buildings in the map, they could burn down debris crush people and cars too.

I think grenades should have a “shrapnel” effect in that they destroy a small part of wherever they explode (temporarily, that is; it regenerates over time) and these fragments go everywhere doing further damage other than what is inside of a grenade.

Either way, really cool suggestion. Depending on what weapon you use, you should be able to destroy everything, including parts of the map. It should regenerate eventually, but still!

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