Extreme climate


Nelson said he was willing to make the zombies the main threat of the game, however, I tought extreme weather could be the best way to make the game harder , add something against nobody can fight, against nobody can win… something that will just encourage you to escape.
Some maps wouldnt have thoses while other could have 1 or even more weathers.

There could be several disasters like :
Sandstorm : basicallya nightmare for desert maps, players would be able to see nothing and sand would damage vehicles batteries, it could even get inside the lungs of the players and deal minors but constent damages until it end

Hailstorm : even worse than Sandstorm, hailstorm would litterally deal heavy damage to players, break weaker bases and destroy glass, there could be different size of hails , thoses could also kill zombies or damage them.

Drought : this nightmare would get rid of all your crops in few time if you dont make sure thoses got water, if you dont take care of that, you might die, lose your crops, etc… it could eventually start Wildfire

Flood : it may be one of the worst things imaginables, destroying players built wood house, damaging cars , flood would usually happen after a long storm, water would raise a bit and everything on coastline or riverline ( dont know the correct word ) would at least suffer damage

Tornado : basically the worst of all, you could have tornadoes ( well, something wich isnt too OP, like EF-1 or EF-2 ) , while avoiding random objects and small vehicles throwed at you, you would have to escape the furious winds that would kill you fast , surviving would became hard and even experienced players would be heavily damaged

Blizzard : with insane quantity of snow falling, blizzard would be dangerous for naked players wich would get hypothermia in few minutes, all this snow would make vehicles uncontrolable and with the cold wind getting in your face, you would suffer damages, its basically similar to yukon blizzard on 3.0 .


I dont thin weather should break peoples houses because you would just log in and everything would be gone from a tornado that happened at 2am


That right, however, I think its up to peoples to build their houses safely, they need to build in areas wich are not affected by tornadoes. Or build stone, metal, and houses with high quality material.


Besides bottom, actually temporary, buildables, should only maybe receive damage (say, a players dropped bookbag). I believe buildings should not be affected.

Anyway, I suggested this multiple times (exemption, sandstorm) and I really do wish for this gameplay feature.


I really like these, and as long as they don’t absolutely smash through bases, (maybe minor damage) they should be included.


Weather does sound like a really fun idea to mess with in Unturned 4 within some limits, because this game is about zombies, not weather and shouldnt be the main focus but would be a cool side one.


Maybe just a windstorm would be better.


This was discussed before, and it got rejected to the point where the OP was getting mocked pretty bad because of it.

Weather should not be able to destroy hard-earned bases. It’s a roll of the dice dictating something that could literally make or break someone’s playthrough.


This is too much for unturned 4


i dont view problem in good part of this but in my opnion is best anything natural dont destroy your base (exeption in case of you call this thing!) Like helicopter in rust!!


Woah, woah woah. Stop right there. Hold my beer.
Hail comes in different sizes, the average size is about that of a pencil eraser. The type of hail your saying, which is the size of baseballs, is a goddamn WORLD RECORD. You’re saying world-record sized hailstones should fall consistently?


Well, Unturned 4 is supposed to keep everyone from killing each other all the time somehow.
this should be in unturned 3


Forcing people inside shelter for a half an hour probably isn’t the greatest thing, especially if shelter becomes a bit… cramped. I’ll kill the other guy for his stinkin’ canned beans if it comes down to it!

Maybe just have hail be loud enough to drown out some sounds that Turned would normally be able to pick up on. Still interesting, just not a “level 20 murder hobo” hail.

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Duude… i know u love hard unturned survival, but… tornado and flood is too much. I agree with your idea about sandstorm and drought. Btw… whats up with this hard yukon server ?


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