Factions Advantages and Territory

Advantages: The idea is that by the time you progresses your relationship with a faction would have some Favors from it.

Beside reputation we would have other stat, the “favor points”. The max amount of it increases as you get to higher ranks on the faction.
The “favor points” decreases every time you use a favor, but it regenerates back over time to the max amount established by your rank.

Companions NPCs would stay with you and obey some orders, companions could have different skills and ranks.

Reinforcements would be a squad of NPCs that come to help and go away after some time, they have the objective of taking control(or trying to) of a area and not seeking you around.(affected player rank,and faction influence in the territory,not spam-able/multiple player can’t use the reinforcements in the same time and at the same area)

Airdrop would have a variety of types to choose from like: medical,food,construction,vehicle,weapons(each one would cost amount of FP)

(this post is made pretty much with ideas that I didn’t thought that much about before wiring it)

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Too much like an RPG imo. Relations with factions has some potential, at least.

Also, if airdrops are to make a comeback they should be RNG-dictated, but some actual humanitarian supplies would definitely be nice over the constant arms shipments.

Is this Modject Factions?

The only way I would like to see any of this is through modding.

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