Failed to find map Belgium, defaulting to PEI!

I have tried what felt like every way to get this to work, i am making an unturned server and i would like to use the offical Belgium map.

what i have done:
-“File_IDs”: [1727125581 ] in Servers\myServer\WorkshopDownloadConfig.json
-“put 1727125581” in Servers\myServer\Maps
-“put 1767554683” in Servers\myServer\Bundles
-“put Belgium” in Servers\myServer\Level
-“map Belgium” in Servers\myServer\Server\Commands.dat
-“put 1727125581” in Servers\myServer\Workshop\Maps
-“put 1727125581 & 1767554683” in Servers\myServer\Workshop\Steam\content\304930

it wont load Belgium as the map

All of that should not be necessary. What have you put in your commands.dat?

did you download it?

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