Fallout 76 Poll v2

Lets try this again…
2 weeks until fallout 76’s release and so far, it’s been a trainwreck of a demo. So I’d like to here your thoughts and opinions on it so far.

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The Bethesda engine is no longer a meme, but a liability. It still looks exactly like Skyrim.

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Haven’t even played yet

Long story short, The game is God awful and has too many bugs in it. As well that game deleting bug/glitch happening

tfw your the only one that likes it

What? No I hate the game with all my heart. It’s a total shitstorm

Speaking of which, just saw the live action trailer and thought it was decent

So what you’re saying is you hate fallout 76 because of all its bugs, right? If that’s the case, dont you hate unturned II because of all its bugs?


The guy before was talking about himself.
As tfw means “tears for when” and that’s a meme of sorts.

Ooh… I thought llama directed that comment towards me. My bad.

Also, no I don’t hate games because of they’re bug or glitches. It’s fallout 76 were talking here. The only reason I hate this game because it’s main problem is bugs and glitches and how it’s developers handled it. Fallout 76 Is basically a Fallout 4 mod but unfinished.

You do realise that 76 is in beta, right?

How is it basically a mod? If you think of it that way, then basically unturned 2.0 would be a mod of 1.0, 3.0 would be a mod of 2.0, II a mod of 3.0.

Just because 2 games look similar does not mean 1 game is pretty much a mod of another. Like really, that logic is so stupid. Also, you do not know how I have gotten from my phone constantly closing the keyboard while I type this, so don’t feel like dealing with you saying a game is bad BECAUSE ITS A BETA.

Now think over the reasons you hate the game, then introduce this evidence.

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That’s a really poor comparison. Unturned II is in Alpha at best. It has one dev.

Fallout 76 has an established game engine, a huge dev team, and a huge following.

And Fallout 76 practically is a “mod” of Fallout 4. Same engine, reused models, reused features, etc.

Of course calling it a mod isn’t correct by any means but it’s not exactly that unwarranted. Unturned 3.0 and Unturned 2.0 are quite different and have utterly different design put into them. The same is going for II.


Nope, different engine, more detailed models, thousands upon thousands of pieces of new content. It may look similar, but I assure, if it was reused then they worked on the model optimizing it and making it better. Also, if unturned isn’t even an alpha, why is the vehicle beat called the vehicle beta.

Calling fallout 76 basically a mod for fallout 4 is stupid, whether you guys think it’s justified or not.

Once again, you guys still are complaining about bugs when the game is still in beta. Your only justification is that there is a team working on it. You try making a huge game, even with a team, and try making it completely bug free by the time it reaches beta.

One more thing, you do realise betas ARE MEANT FOR PEOPLE TO FIND BUGS. It’s not the final product, yet you guys act as if it is.

It’s called vehicle demo

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Oh. Okay. …

It’s the same, dated engine as the one used by Skyrim.

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But was it updated for 76?

Bethseda uses the same engine for every game they make. It’s no coincidence they would use it for 76. It’s outdated and completely unuseful

Why did they say they have an entirely new engine for it then?

So they could probably get more people to buy the game