Fango Version2


Version 2 of my model ,alot more low poly friendly and better shading as well as thicker roof supports .It is incomplete ATM but i want to hear ur opinions on it.

Hear are a couple renders of the model :

With All the model features and smooth Shading:

She is textured and in the game :sunglasses: .I will upload pics of it in the game tommoro .
I was finally able to figure out the audio aswell , so it has working lights and full audio.

Thsnks for Reading , have a great day.


I always wished of unturned 2 cars having a more detailed dashboard, a bit more detail, door handles, glass(which I think is planned), wheels having the covers, and a normal map to show the treads on wheels. He’ll maybe even antennas.


Like this Version?


This is a workshop item silly, not a suggestion!


Oh. Fuck. 10 characters


Somewhat. (10 characters)


Why is this giving me courage the cowardly dog vibe?

Still, it’s good. The frame part could’ve been thicker. But still.