Farewell to Reaver and SongPhoenix

These two have been voluntarily protecting the Steam Discussions and SDG Forum for far longer than I can remember. They’ve been absolutely wonderful to work alongside, and I count myself and all of us as a community quite lucky / fortunate to have had them for as long as we did. Over the years they’ve helped deal with quite a bit of nasty content, fights breaking out, etc, and I can say for sure that I couldn’t have focused on the game as much without such an awesome moderating team having my back.

A big thank you to them for all of their time and energy as they take a step back / retire from the moderation to focus on other aspects of their lives.

I’d also like to take a moment to thank Lu and Fran-war as well, who continue to do fantastic work voluntarily administrating and Steam Discussions and SDG Forum! :slight_smile:


And now their watch is ended :disappointed_relieved:
Two amazing and nice persons, hope their adventure still continues in a new world !

From now on are you going to be the ‘‘only’’ one moderating the SDG forum Nelson, or is Reaver still ‘‘staying’’ here from time to time ?


He’s phasing out from all moderations teams, including SDG forums



Goodbye to Reaver and SongPhoenix, it’s been great having them in the community!

Lu and Fran-war both have accounts on the site, and will likely be a part of this forum’s moderation team.


I already miss 'em ;-;


We all do, they won’t be forgotten.


An honorable service Reaver and SongPhoenix performed, but even more honorable that they’ve taken the initiative to focus on their own lives as well. Utmost respect.

They may have reached the end of a wonderful chapter, but this is just the beginning of the next one!


Even though Reaver and I didn’t always get along, I’m gonna miss him.


Quote from the famous deputy.

There goes my destroyed F key.
And both of our favorite forum mod.


Oh no this isn’t the bed time goodness I was hoping for ;w;

Farewell you two, you have done a great service to this community.

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so long, big pimps


I’m not too active in the forums besides lurking a lot, though I’m gonna miss seeing you guys around. Both of you did an amazing job.


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most likely made a bad impression on the mods with my past self, but i wanted to say

Reaver you where the best mod, thank you for everything

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I’m sad to see you go, it was nice to know ya was always watching. And from time to time, you whould save our little reality from being torn apart from the nasty little flame wars that whould break out

and sometimes I was directly involved:sweat_smile:

It was nice seeing you out and about sometimes, Reaver, as you were the only mod I really saw much of.

Farwell, may your collage studies go well.

Sad to see them leave. Reaver and I never really got along at first but we’ve grown to be friendly quite recently and it’s going to be pretty heartbreaking to not see them around anymore.

I’m speechless…

Time to boost Molton’s ego even more.

I feel ashamed of myself because I don’t know them… ohh wait, press F to pay respect.

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Shame :bell: shame :bell:

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