Farming Improvements

it’d be nice to grow food with better and more professional equipment, you could have an indoor plantation that would require water, light, etc for the plants to grow, and (some) plants would keep giving off fruit, say, for example if you were growing tomatoes then you could pick each individual tomato and more would grow off the plant.

Also, I’d like to see more equipment for growing food; shelves for stacking planter boxes, hoses, and sprinklers, as well as lights for rooves to give off light to the plants. Fertiliser could also work in a different way, instead of making plants just grow out of nowhere they’d make them grow faster.



already suggested or planned.

It’s all good and cool but untill we know how the raiding system will work, the whole building mechanic could end up like in 3.0, where most of the craftable
thigs are not worth the effort or exchangable with common loot that you can find around.

I insist that for a better feedback, nelson should write down asap a document to explain how the raiding mechanics would work, if he has an idea already. People and especially regulars/real fans could then help better by being able to focus about ideas and improvments.

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