Farming Overhaul!

After the criticism from the last suggestion, I suppose I’ll suggest a little less technical topic for today: Farming!

Farming in Unturned is, I have to say, still a very primitive aspect of the game. You plant, you harvest and you replant. The only thing you can do is sprint this process by fertilizing it. I suggest that in Unturned there is a complete overhaul of Farming in the game:

  • Sunlight: Plants need luminous energy to grow, so it would make sense for them to have to be either in an outdoors location, under heavy artificial light or with a classic “hole in the roof” to grow.

  • Water and Sprinklers: Plants also need water, so I suggest there be a watering system: You can craft a watering with the following recipe –

Water Barrel + 2x Metal Siding + Metal Bar

– The watering can can water a certain area (showed by a circle when handling the can), in which the plants in it will enter a “watered” state for 60 minutes, where they will grow much faster. The player would be able to know if the plant is watered, maybe by an icon if they hover their mouse over the plant. If the player is offline, the plants still grow, but without the bonus.
Sprinklers! They work by being placed on the ground (also show a circle of effect), and their function is watering the plants in its area every 60 minutes, keeping the bonus indefinitely. The sprinkler needs a source of water (maybe a Water Tank or Barrel) and energy (generator, etc.). Their recipe would be:

Water Barrel + 2x Metal Bar + Chemicals + Glue

P.S.: The plants could also be constantly watered by being planted very near ponds or non-saline water sources.

  • Fertilizing and Compost: In the game, the plants would need to be fed with nutrients, so, if the plant isn’t planted on real soil, it will need to have its dirt fed with compost, an item that can have various recipes, all of which include food. The food would be “mixed” and turned into the compost, which would be put into a whole Planter or Plot. The effect would last 24 hours, and without it, the plants wouldn’t grow. If offline, the effect still lasts for the duration of the composting.
    For fertilizing, it would give a very high boost to the growth of the plant (maybe 3x) and would give a bonus to the “Food” and “Drink” bar replenishment the crops would sustain.

That’s it, for now, thank you again for looking at my suggestions. I hope people don’t jump that much on me this time, haha :-)… Feel free to suggest more stuff or correct me in the thread below.

P.S.: For these suggestions to work, the growth time, of course, would have to be much larger than it is nowadays.

P.S².: The recipe suggestions I used only consider items that currently exist in-game (Unturned 3.0), don’t wanna get into speculation stuff, sorry!


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Very solid ans well thought suggestions,but:

Did you mean rivers and ponds,because this is not how it works.Sea water is salty,sure plants can grow near the sea,but only certain types of them.


How do you know what crafting materials we’re gonna have in U4?
Are you secretely cooperating with Nelson?


its nelson in Disguise


Great post! I’d love to see this added. Plants sure do need sunlight to grow and the watering system sounds interesting and plausible (except that sea part).

+1 Overall

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Thank you for the replies everyone. Will fix the mistakes and clarify soem things.

Alright, sorry for forgetting to categorize! haha, I did intend it to go to #unturned-4 .

Damnit, now no one’s seen my post because I miscategorized it, which is way better-written and well thought-out than the buckshot one… :frowning:

It’s categorized now, so people will see it eventually.

It’ll probably show up in everybody’s notifications

I’m assuming this is for Unturned II, so I’m just going to say that there should be a process of growing plants inside with artificial lights and water, as well as hydroponics and things like that, which would be harder to grow and set up but you wouldn’t have to worry about people stealing your outdoor crops, or them getting damaged. Perhaps greenhouses could be a thing too, which would need a lot of glass, but would accelerate the growing process.

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I have a few points I’d like to add to this fantastic suggestion:

  1. Growing fields of crops, rather than just 1 teensy little crop which somehow gives you multiple pieces of food. So, imagine those big planters from 3.x (the ones that are the size of a floor ‘tile’), and having to grow crops in roughly that space, rather than having a whole bunch in one small spot. Visually you may see a 5x5 (arbitrary value) ‘grid’ of the growing crops, and when you harvest the whole thing you’d get some random amount dependent on how well you fertilized, watered, and generally maintained the field, as well as your farming skill.

  2. Maintaining crops. Much like watering and fertilizing. In fact, basically that. However, you would have to de-weed them, handle pests, and medicate sick crops. This makes it so that farming is even more of a manual process than what OP had originally suggested, since watering and sunlight can be automated. While spraying pesticides and herbicides and medicine should be possible, it just adds another layer of complexity to growing crops. You can also just not spray herbicides and pesticides, but you’ll harvest less.

    2.5. De-weeding wouldn’t rely solely on herbicides of course, since you can use various tools such as hoes (which would probably be used to dig farmland into dirt), weeders, etc. That is, of course, a manual process, but doesn’t require any rarer supplies like herbicides.

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Yes! Greenhouses would be an amazing feature.

Indeed, those would be very nice additions.

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