something interesting would be to add more animals to the game depending on the place, city, forest or lake we currently have cows, deer hogs, wolves and bears to game, however something that could be added are cougars that live in mountainous forests and are removed with fire, snakes and the main point, crows would spend a great sense of zombie apocalypse plus adding wild birds and forests would give a much larger immersion, but domestic animals are also a great idea, we will start with the dogs can be found in cities in pet stores or kennels can be divided into races although they may not be something that can be easily trained and will help protect you from players, zombies and wild animals, they may have their own skill table as offensive: aggressive with other players than you or people in your group
Tracker: Helping Find Food and Tracking Game Fangs
now we go to farm animals, we currently have cows and pigs but when you kill a cow comes milk in box well meaningless we could create it and every day we get milk from it or reproduce it and slaughter it, add sheep and chickens would leave the game much more realistic of course the sheep could drop wool that could be used to make jackets, now the point would really be untold HORSES !, that even horses could be found in the farms, being tamed and able to be ridden, this would be an evolution in the mode of getting around since one would have to find gasoline or torches to arrange vehicles instead of hay and water and he would be ready for another trip besides being able to take a bag of the size of a backpack to be carried arms and cómide remedies, cats would be an option but they would be very useless since they only know how to mourn and do not care about us (joking), in order to do that is more suggestions write a comment and THAT COME TO 4.X

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Is English your first language?

I’m from Brazil wrote this from google translator


Pets with special abilities

i think

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think what

Alright. I’ve tried my hardest to crack this topic.

So you want to added more animals.
Dog. Help you fight the infected. Or finding stuffs.

Farm animals. Self explained.

Horse. Acts like a vehicle. And can be use as a walking crate.

Cats. For nothing.

And more wild animals. Alright

With that cracked. I’ll just say that this is already in the trello. Well at least partly. I didn’t know if horses and more wild animal is in it yet. But I’m pretty sure at some degree they will be.

also I’m expecting you can turn horses into Ikea meatballs

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Could you look for a different translation for this part? Fangs means dentes.

“presa” can mean fang, as it seems to have been translated here, but should also be able translate into “prey”

So just tracking prey/game animals.

I would love aquatic fauna, with sharks, manta, turtles, fishes ( obviously ) , dolphins, orcas and maybe even jellyfishes ( that you would have to avoid )

Was that written through Google translate too?

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