Feelings/ faces

So basically u have your defalt happy or angry face. But let’s say you get shot or stabbed by someone your face will change to a face that looks in pain. When having low hunger and water your face is sad because u have no food. Full health will make your face to whatever you set it as. Comment what u think.

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Why can’t I be angry all the time :angry: :angry: :angry:

I think dynamic faces (Or passively changing faces) was already suggested before and wasn’t overly agreed on.

Plus, with how the model looks, I think static faces match the game more better than dynamic



Teleports behind you
Nothing personal, kid.


Yeah no being able to change my character’s face manually with a selector like current 3.0 is far more enjoyable as opposed to letting the game decide for you.

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Well a way we could do this is have an option in the faces selection menu to change the face to another face for a moment based on whats going on, that way, the people who liek it can have it, and the people who dont like it dont have to deal with it.

I think a face of fatigue would better represent being starved and/or dehydrated

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