We have posts and we have ramparts. These aren’t fences, these are balconies/terraces. They can only be placed on a structural floor/roof.

Nelson should add the ability to craft fences. 2x Planks + 2x Sticks = 1 wooden fence. Like the fences you see by the barns. Each fence is half the length of a structure (from side to side. Not from corner to corner)
These fences can be jumped over pretty easily and can be placed on the ground. When trying to install 2 fences, they would snap to eachother. Right click and drag will allow the fence turn around the axis of rotation which is the part where the 2 fences connect.

Nothing too major. It can be small fences, and it can be picked fences. Both can be jumped over. But picked fences require max parkour skill


Letgalian’s Furniture needs to be real…