Few months ago i bought the gold upgrade and

So I have the unturned gold upgrade and I didn’t receive the gold items I can change the color of my skin and hair I got the new faces and hair styles my name is golden in game but I don’t have the tuxedo clothing or anything like that for some reason my friend bought the upgrade after I did but he did receive the items. I emailed Nelson few months ago few times actually but I received nothing back from him. My steam name is Tomis my steam profile link is : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198255894854/
I have over 1.000 hours on the game and I love it but I got pretty confused when I didn’t get the items after buying I know this isn’t a huge deal but still, I don’t feel as “premium” so to say :smiley: But yeah I hope Nelson you see this. Btw I really hope the Unturned 4.0 will not have the blocky hands and graphics. Like I love the art style but we need more circles. We need to evolve from Dayz + Minecraft baby Unturned to Unturned if you know what I mean. :smiley: So have a nice day who ever reads this. -Tomas

Correct me if I am wrong but I think it takes around a day to receive the items.

The amount of time it takes to receive DLC content isn’t that long, it’s usually instant unless Steam servers are down. Also, a day is shorter than a few months. :v

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Oh yeah, Steam inventory was acting up today, so that might be the problem.

But was it acting up a few months ago? :thinking:

@SDGNelson should just add the items to his account manually. Best solution, and quickest solution.

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Yeah, but I bought it more than 5-6months ago if not even 7months ago.

Oh, alright, in that case they should just be manually dropped in.

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I still didn’t receive them… @SDGNelson