Fight with the zombies

The combat with the zombies in unturned 3.0 is very simple, they simply knock (or bite?), And take a little life from the player, nothing too difficult to end a batch easily, this is almost a joke.

As unterned 4 is going to be kind of survival oriented, I think it would be interesting if the zombies did something else, for example, hit with the hand (conceivably scratching the player) and bite (causing bleeding and possible wound infection). To explain better …

When the zombie is in the green area, all he can do is try to hit the player with his hand, causing a low damage and maybe scratching the player, and may (rarely) cause a bleed.
When the zombie is in the orange area, he may already try to bite the player, and if he does, it will cause medium or high damage, bleeding and as I already said a possible infection.

Infection (optional)

I think the infection could be something relatively simple to solve (for the player not to die in the first 5 minutes of play for a small hesitation). It could be treated or cured using alcohol (which can be found in homes and pharmacies), but it should be done as soon as possible, otherwise the infection will continue to grow in the player, having to be treated with a possible vaccine if it will get sick and it will die, but that part of the infection is optional

That’s my idea, someone agrees, disagrees, have any suggestions to make it better?

If there is some grotesque misspelling, it’s because I’m using the Google Translator :sweat_smile:


i think its a good idea

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To make it simpler, i think the jab shouldn’t cause bleeding and only the bite. Other than that, why not?

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If a low level turned hits you it could instead cause a bruising effect which would make you more susceptible to melee damage, making 1v1s against basic turns not to bad, but larger engagements snowballing pretty fast.

You could also make the basic attacks sometimes cause bleeding if the player isn’t wearing any clothes in the area where they got whacked.


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