Fire effects!

he really is

in fact yes because to make a Molotov you need several ingredients so yes, I support your idea

I’m just saying that a flame thrower consumes a significant amount of fuel

you don’t need any report, it’s logical that if it’s raining the wood will get wet and the flamethrower won’t do much good, because water is a thousand times stronger than fire you don’t have to be a scientist to know it.

I need data, doesn’t matter what you think is logical.

Your assumptions are not facts.


As I said before, Molotovs will not reappear made, you have to look for the ingredients to make it that generally would have to appear in laboratories and some in some gas station and some of them are rare so they would not appear as easy as a chemical

Sure, but usually the bases are always 4x4 so you would have to use more Molotovs and any wooden structure is not destroyed so quickly so the player of the house would have more advantage to kill you easily

first you have to specify of what magnitude since you don’t say it and I can’t answer something precise

I had previously said that if this were to apply, the fire truck would also have to apply water or some technique to be able to throw water

well you could throw a grenade or a molotv so that it catches fire and dies or explodes and dies :joy:

Well, Nelson has already said that in 4.0 there will be gravity, so there won’t be any more air bases.

I already said and I’ll keep saying it, if you have a big base with important things it would be stupid not to replace wood with metal

easy, if the attacker is using a flame thrower you can shoot at the fuel tanks and they would explode so everyone would die and if any of them were alive they would be badly injured so you can easily kill them with one shot, and if your team doesn’t have enough time to be connected they just have to create turrets to defend the base or the traps and that’s it

In fact that’s how it works my friend, everybody can get metal by having a pick, and even if you don’t have a pick everything will give you metal from an old weapon, rakes, axes, knives, etc.
If at first you have to use wood, but I don’t think you’ll use it for more than a week…

I don’t want to insult you but you make it impossible, are you dumb or what? just go to any survival server and see for yourself

If you’re using a flame thrower, your first priority is fuel. stu***

que pedo with your life cabron!
It’s like I say, when I eat food I have to open my mouth because it’s logical, and you say I don’t care about your assumptions I need facts :rofl:

Faulty comparison at its finest.

If they’re so rare, might as well make them not set bases on fire at all? lol
Also, what I meant was that the ingredients can’t be as rare as a hell’s fury, so big clans can easily have lots of molotovs stored up. It’s perfectly possible unless you can give me direct proof that it’s not.

That’s a pretty rough assumption there buddy, you got any videos, photos or other proof?

lol hell no
Did you even listen to what I said? It’s flammable liquid. If you started a fire using some kind of fuel or gas, it burns really well. Reread my entire statement and then reconsider your sentence.

Search up “house fire” on google and go to images lol
It’s literally a normal sized house, but on fire. Is it really that hard to find information yourself?

You just ignored my argument and added some useless tidbits that have almost nothing to do with what we’re talking about, nice.

You just said molotov ingredients weren’t common, and now you’re telling the hypothetical owner of a wooden base to throw one at the attacker? Cool.

What the fuck?
Gravity exists in 3.0 already.
This isn’t even relevant. There’s large ground bases that use wood as well. What are you trying to prove by saying this?

That’s your personal opinion, and unless you can get every Unturned player in the world to convert the entirety of their base to metal, that sentence is pointless.

The flamethrower is a weapon, you can’t just “shoot the fuel tanks”.
Also, this isn’t even a feature, nor has it been brought up by nelson or anyone else before.

They have a damn wooden base and you’re telling them to make sentries to protect the base?
Logic please, sir.

So you’re saying everyone has a pickaxe regardless of the situation?

What if they like building with wood? What if they’re too busy to add more metal sections?

You quoted my questions but answered none of them, and just told me to go into “any survival server and see for yourself” without anything else. That’s not proof, that’s just trying to escape because you can’t prove it.

I’m trying to say that fuel is easy as hell to get in Unturned. You can literally get infinite amounts of fuel from gas stations and other sources, not to mention that it’s possible to carry extra.

From this, I can see that you:

  1. Haven’t answered a single one of my questions
  2. Skipped most of the important parts of my arguments
  3. Added lots of useless information
  4. Can’t back up any of your arguments or prove anything

Not that kind of gravity, the kind affecting buildings is what he means. Or you could go with “structural integrity” or some other fancy term to describe it. Point of him mentioning it is that sky bases will not exist and neither will the strategies specifically used for them.

Well, there’s gonna be SOMEONE who makes it possible to “shoot the fuel tanks” at some point in time.

How much research have you put in before stating that? If you’re doing everything right the tanks shouldn’t explode, but Vile knows more about that than I do.

On some flamethrowers, yes. Not all flamethrowers use fuel at the same rate though, some may use it very quickly while others can conserve it for much longer.

So is your lack of knowledge.

He didn’t specify magnitude? How weird.

While the fuel may be a key ingredient, unless Nelson abolishes gas stations it will remain as an abundant resource, stupid.

We want facts because your “logical” assumptions are completely inaccurate. You can make assumptions but you shouldn’t keep pressing your point on a topic which you have no background knowledge on. Research your thoughts instead of claiming that they are the law of the land.

To end this meaningless post, you are the dumb one here. “See for yourself” isn’t a good response when “seeing for yourself” gives the person information completely contradicting your argument.


My understanding here is that you can’t make skybases, but other bases will function normally?
Also, either way there’s gonna be big bases with wood lol

Seeing that modding in U4 will probably be improved, this could actually happen.
It would kind of discourage players from using the flamethrower, though…

HOW ABOUT a game mechanic that can convert huge wooden structures whit minimal effort AKA molotovs and flamethrowers into ashes ISN’T the best idea?

I would suggest a logical for a game approach. Molotovs can have an area of effect where buildings can take damage but not spread, damage and amount of time it burns can be debated. Flamethrowers could have damage proportional to the amount of fuel you have that does damage direcly (where the fuel lands) to burnable objects and leave a short fire similar to the molotov where the fuel lands.

More simple, not game breaking and less realism for the sake of realism. What do you think?

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Realistic does not equal fun.

Stop acting like your profile picture and use your head.


Can’t we just make the flamethrower NOT hurt wooden structures too much or at least hurt them enough where it’s only marginally more effective then alternatives?
Maybe some less important wooden structures can be really vulnerable to combustionlauncher
like signs or pipes, something like that

Like imagine imprisoning someone in a free-form building, and there friends burn a hole through it to save them.
Free form wooden buildables in 3.0 are cheap but very weak right? This is what the flamethrower could be good against (and maybe the buildables in II should be made even cheaper)

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molotovs would be cool

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in fact there are very rare weapons and explosives in the game and you need a lot of them to break only 1 wall so answering your question if :))

join a server and see for yourself

wey even with an explosion structures are not easily destroyed

It’s funny you should say that, because you ask me questions so easy you can Google them, but you ask them to me lol

wtf? I answered the question you had, and now you say it has nothing to do :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well, that’s why I said two choices, or can’t you read?

if gravity exists in 3.0 but Nelson himself has said that it’s not very good, and in 4.0 if it works much better so there won’t be any air bases, so your previous question is a bit silly

if people don’t improve their base with metal, it’s their problem that they catch fire, I don’t have to convince everyone just because it’s my idea

Well, it could be a guess, but nothing can be ruled out

in that commentary I had also written that they can make sentries or basic traps

I didn’t even quote my full comments, what I said was that there are always objects that are not useful and if you destroy them you get metal, so the one that doesn’t have a metal base is because it doesn’t want

I tell you the same thing I told you in the commentary above, if the players like it it’s their problem I can’t do anything about it

if you have a wooden base with valuables inside, of course the priority would be to improve the house with metal

What?? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. If I told you to get into a server, that’s for you to see for yourself. That’s proof.

and where are you supposed to store so much gas?

yes, of course :joy:

You did too, so there’s no problem. :no_mouth:

maybe because they were obvious questions?

Yes, but when I said that, I forgot to say that you can do it using incendiary ammunition.

I do, but the sir wants to destroy an entire house with a flamethrower, so I’m talking about the fuel-hungry ones because they’re the ideal

Yes, and you want to go across town and spend gasoline from the car to fill only 5 cans?? and with that gasoline fill the car and also the gun?, idiot

I understand that, but what he’s asking for proof of is pretty absurd, it’s not like I’m talking about something that’s never been seen or done, because in that case I’d have to give proof

I’m supposed to tell him that so he can check it himself, and not say I made it up.

Well that’s a good idea, finally someone who suggests ideas thanks :grin:

Ok then “idiot”, have you ever played 3.0? Five cans of gas, enough for a full fuel tank plus one extra in 3.0. You aren’t going to use a significant amount of gas to drive to the gas station and when you get there you can REFILL your gas cans. If you’re not going to fill your things while you’re still at the pump then YOU’RE the idiot for going back to your base to do it. There may be some exceptions but it really is not an issue to go to the gas station. F u e l i s i n f i n i t e i n 3 . 0. If you want to continue the pointless argument, do it only after Nelson decides to give out information on how he would like fuel to be handled, if he responds at all.

Not really, you just refuse to back up your statements. If you genuinely try to find proof, then guess what? Your “logical” ideas aren’t going to be supported by anything you find online because most of them generally are based on fantasy, not reality.

I see this reasoning as perfectly fine but you still shouldn’t just say to “go look in the game”. Find evidence to back up your points and put a link to it on here if you want him to “check it himself”. At the very least you can give a specific way to find it.

He may not be giving out a ton of evidence himself but you’re in the minority here. Almost every one of us here understands that your ideas are unrealistic. If you wish to argue on behalf of realism, cite realism, not fiction.

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Even that wouldn’t work and let me explain why. The propellant used in a flamethrower is either compressed propane or CO2. This means there is literally no oxygen in the system. Without oxygen, no explosion, and no fire. Incendiary ammunition or not, all you would get is a leak. Flamethrowers in games and movies exploding is a trope. It has no basis in reality.

Also, here’s something else. Propane on its own is actually very difficult to detonate with small arms.

What’s going on here is the propane gas is displacing the oxygen, so the cloud of propane has nothing to react with. Due to gas laws, the venting propane significantly chills anything it comes in contact with, so there is a very high change the tracer was not even able to heat the nearby propane enough to even come close to ignition.


A single flamethrower in real life can burn down an entire house, I’m not sure what kind of drugs you’re on but please stop taking them.

I literally just said that “see for yourself” wasn’t valid evidence, but ok lol

If a single flamethrower can burn down an entire house, what about an explosive which is most likely more powerful than a flamethrower?

Actually, you were the one who asked the “question so easy you can Google it”.

>never asked a question about a fire truck
>"I answered the question"

What I’m saying is that he wouldn’t have that choice in the first place because he’s so poor his base is made out of wood.

There’s still massive ground bases with wooden outsides, and lots of them too.
In your words, go “see for yourself”

That’s basically saying “Wood is now obsolete because you can raid it easily with fire, go build with metal you tard”

Fair point, but it still makes it hard to kill a guy with a flamethrower. If you’ve ever played a game with solid flamethrower physics, you’ll know that fire damage is basically guaranteed as long as you hit the enemy or an object.

Sentry bases are easy to raid (especially if you’re powerful enough that you have multiple molotovs, theoretically), plus we don’t know if there’s gonna be traps that affect players in UII yet.

By adding this mechanic you’re basically forcing players who build with wood to either:

  1. Tear down their hard work and re-place everything with metal
  2. Abandon their base completely
  3. Spam sentries/become super paranoid when building in a pvp server
  4. Not build in pvp servers at all

You could argue that they’ll replace it with metal for fear of getting raided, but this just means that you can’t build with wood anymore unless you want to get your house burned down by a big clan or even a powerful solo player.

You probably wouldn’t have anything valuable enough to protect with metal if you have a base made out of wood.

I asked for proof from you, silly.

Gas cans are pretty common, plus you can craft industrial gas cans iirc.

I quoted every single response and replied.

If they were obvious you could’ve answered them, maybe?

You can walk, also you can fill much more than 5 cans and the flamethrower seeing that fuel is pretty much infinite.


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