Fire, Flamethrower, Forest Fires and More Fire

Well as Nelson mentioned there is going to be lot of fire stuff in the game I have some suggestions for that:-

  1. Makeshift Flamethrower:- We hardly find a flamethrower in Unturned. This item is very easy to craft. We need a aerosal spray ( Perfumes, Deo etc.,) and just a Lighter/Wooden Torch etc., It will be a dual-handed weapon. We will have the Spray in one hand and the Torch in other or something like this down below.

    Screenshot (205)
  2. Forest Fires:- We can have events in game which can cause Forest Fire
    Like maybe someone is goofing around with a Makeshift Flamethrower and suddenly realizes that he lit a tree on fire which can destroy the whole forest. It will deprive the survivors of wood who will need to undertake large scale afforestation .

It may also be caused randomly like rain and snow as an event.

  1. The New Raiding Technique:- Light the person’s base on fire which will slowly burn the house or wall down but this will be very time consuming. A person can only save himself from this if he has Metal, Brick or Wet wood house in which case it will not catch fire.

  2. Torches and Campfires:- They need to be constantly fed with wood or they will go off.
    Torches will need to be changed from time to time. This will make people use electrical lights (like cagelight) instead of torches and campfires.

    Screenshot (201)

  3. Urban Fires:- Towns can catch fires randomly.( WHO WILL HANDLE THE GAS AND STOVES IN TOWN ? ).
    Screenshot (203)
    This is pretty much it. IF you have suggestions please let me know down in the reply section
    This post will be frequently updated.
    Thank You
    Pray that Nelson reads this


Oh yes, and make makeshift flamethrower fricking explode in your hands if you use it for 10 seconds


I think all of this is gonna be added to game. The town fire thing is a bit crazy though. i jmean if a fire was to happen it wouldve already happened during the initial outbreak. although i feel that the makeshift flamer should be usimg petrol or something similar as aerosol flamers are too short ranged and the lingering burining damager created by liquid fule wont be there.


It would be nice to see forest fires being started by lightning.


i like da burning house idea

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