First Ever Unturned II PVP Kill

truly historical moment, thank you for your sacrifice @HoldBaker


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I like this guy ^^


So proud to have been killed


The real first PvP kill was obtained by Xx_theClayPigeon-420Launcher_xX.

I died horrendously in player-versus-player combat against it… many… times.


You guys are making history :joy:

I can’t believe he fucking died


Oh come onnn…
Please! Don’t bring the biggest issue about Unturned community over to Unturned 2!
It’s SO early in development and you guys are already searching for ways to kill each other?


I agree! How is it that when they pick up a gun, the first thing they think of is to shoot each other? Dude imaging the hunting applications. I was hoping to use the sniper as a cane for when I am too old to walk. God damn KOSers ruining the fun >:(


Exactly! KOSers are the disease that is ruining this great game. Why do you just shoot people without even talking to them?
These people are the toxics that just spoil the amazing experience this game is offering!
Doesn’t anyone see that if you cooperate in such a world, everybody can survive and live happily?
No. Just shoot each other and make the world a terrible place.

r/whoooosh image



I’m so proud of this community! :,)

Would you consider running into someone during the vehicle demo and it literally crashed their game as a kill? Cause then your late lol

The real question is, how tf can you get your game past 20FPS cuz i just dont understand

Good PC? Or better PC

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Damn, Nelson, that is an incredibly unrealistic amount of blood from a 308.
Isn’t it supposed to come out the exit more so than the front as well?
This amount of blood is only acceptable from torsos being blown off by shotshells.
Yes, I know, tradition and sheeit and realism for the sake of realism, but personal preference.

They also don’t have faces yet so I would assume its a placeholder

i think it would take some coding work to make exit wounds a thing in general.

and also, isnt it 7.62 not 308. ?

In-game it’s 7.62x51mm. They’re really quite similar though. Imo just skimming this article will explain the gist of it well enough.

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