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Some people here just make an account for a ban appeal which is against the rules. Peoples first post should be hidden, and checked by mods before it being shown to the public. Like in the blender forum.


I mean it doesn’t do much harm that 1 person made an account to ban appeal

just lock the threads, easy


I’d prefer allowing newcomers to make their first post without the hassle of checking whether they legitimately want to discuss in the forum.

I can easily deal with ban appeals, better if they are quickly reported. I give them a week or so silence as their intent of their account creation is to only selfishly get their ban revoked, and to prevent further posts regarding it. After that it’s all a matter of whether they are interested in the forums, or not bother at all.


he,llo my accoun get banned i do not havck it is lie thank u i love this game i have 160000+ hour i srry for what i do it was mistake i do not hacker


Genuine question, lets say battleeye did somehow false flag you and you got banned. How would you even prove your innocence? Like everyone can just say they weren’t hacking, put yourself in the situation - how would you handle it? You are just playing unturned normally and get banned for hacking despite not hacking (i know thats extremely unlikely - its a hypothetical) how would you go about getting unbanned?


Ask battle eye

it was my brother i swear

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this is fishs father my child is innocent they would never hack


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Even if they are falsely banned, they should not be sending a application to the forums as Nelson nor any of us have the power to revoke a ban. The least we can do is direct them to BattlEye support where they will be determined if the ban trigger was a false flag.

With the amount of falsehood among banned users, it’s extremely unlikely they’ll be treated any differently.


This went from a failed attempt at a ban appeal to discussing divorce papers.

I like this forum.

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Any anticheats will collect data, of some sort, pertinent to issues (e.g., when someone is flagged as cheating and is subsequently banned).

  • Typically, you would resolve this by contacting the anticheat and filing an appeal to trigger a more in-depth manual look into what was triggered.

  • You’d also want to include relevant information such as software you were using that might be likely to cause issues (such as ReShade), and if you were recording a video at the time (like a livestreamer or YouTuber would) then you’d consider sending that at the same time.

But, that’s only typically how things work. With Valve’s VAC, you do not file any sort of appeal. Their system handles both bans and unbans automatically. There is no appeal process, and Steam Support shouldn’t be contacted regarding appeals.

With BattlEye, there is an appeal form, located on their Contact page. The typical resolution method would then apply there. Honestly, for the most part, the appeal is going to always be more important than the evidence because the anticheat will already have all the relevant evidence.

  • A lot of people try to appeal BattlEye bans because they admit that they shouldn’t have cheated and want a second chance. You cannot appeal a BattlEye ban that resulted from cheating.

Some more useful information:

  1. If your account is hijacked and you get banned, it is typical for any and every anticheat that your account will remain banned. For example, if you receive a VAC ban but your account was hacked at the time, Steam Support will not remove the VAC ban. It is your responsibility to protect your account.

  2. Most questionable software will just prevent you from launching the game, as opposed to letting you launch and then subsequently banning you. For example, depending on the game and the anticheat, you might have CheatEngine open before you launch the game but when you try to launch the game it immediately errors and says that it cannot launch.

  3. Anticheats aren’t impeccable (this includes BattlEye), so it’s important to remember that witch-hunts on users making such posts is strongly discouraged and they should instead be directed to a more appropriate place.

  4. Anticheats don’t explain why you were banned, nor what software triggered the ban, because that opens up the anticheat to more exploits and bypasses.


Why are you replying to me :nauseated_face:


I was off my game yesterday. ;’) Sorry 'fam, have a like to feel apologized to.


I once met someone with really sensitive ears, (for this reason he always had ear protection with him when he went out,) he was so good at hearing people in CS:GO that they thought he was cheating and banned him from competitive. He recorded himself playing casual to prove he was just hearing the game’s audio and not using any third party program and was eventually unbanned.


my first post was cancer at its finest

Still hasn’t changed