First Unturned II Cheat

Fist of all, iam not encouraging anyone to cheat, All i did was for a testing purpose, I Will not post any information about how it was made or related, The game dont even has an AC yet, But if nelson really wants i can send source etc (i doubt, is far from being something especial) just again, all i did was to simply fun and prob will break on the next update. Dont Cheat!

Its a Player Box and a very buggy item glow, this can also be considered the first script mod for the game.


can we get this man a nobel prize


at least better than the first Unturned II mod


I guess this is one unfortunate downside of expanding access: cheat developers (not necessarily you OP) will have a head start.

If you’d like to share by DM I’m curious which approach you took? e.g. Reverse-engineering the .exe vs modifying the .pak file or something else.


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