Fixed Artillery

In unturned go have many types of weapons… Grenades, submachine, rifles, precision rifles, Explosives, Shotguns, Bomb Cars, etc…

i believe that all this weapon go had a ballance (precision-damage-fire rate-BulletPenetration) but
I would like weapons with.

Huge damage, Precision, FireRate, and Penetration
A low cost ammunition a low recoil and a low degradment tax,
Median difficulty to made and a protection for whoever is behind. !!BUT!!

This weapon just can be place in a area with “flag”(logic i dont know how system in 4.0 go work flag is Claimed area in 3.0) And after placed its impossible remove the weapon of place just destroying him.

What do you guys think?

No tank you.


Here I’ve been spending weeks thinking out how things like grenade launchers, rocket launchers, rifle grenades, grenade dischargers, mortars, automatic grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, and such could possibly be balanced and writing half a dozen drafts trying to articulate this when they don’t even need to be balanced whatsoever if you’re using them within a claim flag. How could I have been so blind? Guess I’ll just delete all these documents with actual work put into balance and readability, because you’ve clearly already gotten this topic figured out perfectly. And who cares about proper formatting or translations anyways?


I think i ended up exaggerating usind the word ““HUGE””

Literally me anytime I see a short yet heavily game mechanic-based suggestion

(Mostly sarcasm, but bonus points for medical or survival suggestions)

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Made me think of the artiliary only challenge thing going on currently(ish)


artillery only

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Hmmmm… excuse me but this is a survival game,not Battlefield.

And if this was added,It would break the game like crazy!

The weapon you are suggesting basicaly gives god mode to it’s user and makes raids impossible.

Not impossible. You just wait until they go offline then use their own cannon against their base.


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