Floating vehicles, gravity, atmosphere and oxygen stuff

Floating vehicles
The idea of space maps has crossed my mind multiple times now. But it never happened because floating vehicles aren’t possible as far as I know in Unturned 3.0.
Implementing this would open up a whole new world for vehicles!

An idea for a map was having multiple planets where you could go to, but the physics from Unturned 3.0 would only let you walk on the top then.

If it’s possible, there could be a feature where you can place an orb in the map editor that makes it so gravity will always pull you to the center of it.
The further you go from the center, the less gravity you have.

If you exit the orb, you will just float in the direction you’re heading and you can’t change it. This is where those floating vehicles come in place to transport you.

You can adjust the orb that I’ve spoken about before, so you can set it up so there’s oxygen or not, maybe some type of other gas, and also where you can adjust the sky color and the transparency of it.

Make it so oxygen tanks are really useful. For diving suits so you can actually stay underwater, and you have to get out of the water to swap it with a new one. Same for space suits then. A special oxygen tank in certain vehicles to go underwater like a submarine.

I know most of these things aren’t important now, but maybe it’s a cool idea for later on. But what’s your opinion?


Unturned is a survival game, and although your ideas could be implemented, this would completely break what the game means, it would simply not be realistic for what the game seeks, a zombie survival, Nelson would have to program and model too many things to make this possible, I think we should try to think something a little more realistic than if it could be implemented.
But my opinion of your idea is that it is still empty, where would the zombies be? floating? How many planets would they open? could you go and hide on a distant planet? would there be different materials on each planet? would you have to pack materials to go into space and to survive there? It’s just like you’re planning another game, I don’t think this is what Unturned is all about. :skull_and_crossbones:


Diving? Sure, maybe there could be some underwater military vehicle that you can get loot from, if not a cool submerged base or research lab. That could even add ideas for cool types of turned exclusive to underwater areas like this. I remember reading on U4’s trello board and saw that Nelson said he wants to do some more interesting things with the turned, so this can be a start. But space travel and planets is way too much for a game like Unturned and would be pointless. It would feel like feature creeping at that point.

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Well, 3/4th of this topic is ment for mods later on. Not all maps have zombies in them on the workshop.

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Same for this, it’s ment for modded maps.

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Ok, maybe then have the ability to make singular planet maps with their own gravity and atmosphere, etc.
But Unturned is not meant to be a space game, so having orbs for gravitational pulls and other properties would be a little much for maps imo cause then people might have to put allof that gravity stuff in mind for making maps and also all of it has to be coded in just for modded maps, so I think it would be pointless.

Exactly, as @PSI_Boredom_Omega said . Unturned is not meant to be a game where you go into space, and I’m surprised that you completely ignored my answer, a bit childish I think, but it’s okay, at least you see that people don’t like the idea of turning a survival game into a game where you go into space :frowning:

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Don’t we already have space maps?

All I know of was Space PEI, never played it, but I think it was a joke map where it was just PEI but with moon physics and moonrovers and stuff

Space PEI was an April Fools’ map, yes.

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Okay then no space maps I guess…
But the floating vehicles would still be nice for modded vehicles

Well ehhh, it seems like a bit of a pointless thing to add. But the game will be easier to mod than 3.0 apparently with more support for advanced mods and stuff, so someone could (and probably would) mod this in. There’s already a working submarine mod for 3.0, so someone could definitely do it in II

I’m not too sure about the gravity thing, but the atmosphere will be pretty cool, so that devs can add gas filled passageways and other similar structures…
The oxygen idea will be really great, i really want a lot of underwater exploration in the game, so the O2 will be cool

gravity i think can be implemented by adding slowed falling and increased jump height, instead of adding a new system. Also most games with this sort of feature has a game engine or the game itself is built around this sort of setting.

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