Food Animations and Practicality

just saying this from the start that i would think this would be a later addition to the game because of the time and resources it would probably take.

so we all know the eating animations in unturned are a little weird right? i mean eating an entire pizza or cake in the space of 3 seconds is impressive, but not very practical. i think that nelson could try to do what the more farming mod did with its pizza and turkey where you can salvage these items for separate pieces of pizza or slices of cake.

In addition to this, i would love it if my character did not eat the wrapper to a snack bar every time he decided he needed some granola in his system.


thats actually a good idea

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did you know that the package of food is good for you?
you should try it
( pls don’t )

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  • you should try to do it
  • dont try to do it

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Hey, that’s a very good idea!
and I really do not want my character to eat the granola with the pack again


DayZ has an interesting system now. You can decide how much water/soda you want to drink or how much food you want to eat.


I agree with this post

This was already suggested and accepted. I suggest before making a post to look on the Ull wiki to make sure it isn’t already suggested.
here you can see the upcoming features c:

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