Food degradation in 4.0

Hi y’all.

I was think about food in 3.0 for awhile and the concept of food degradation in 3.0 is rather… dull.
Seriously, you can kept raw fish inside your backpack forever, without it getting spoiled or such.

So I think foods and drinks should degraded overtime. (For example. A 100% tomato turned to 80% in the next day. 64% in the next day. 51% in the following day, until it reach 1% or so.)

Also, there should be some factors that determined if which food should degrade faster or slower than others. (Canned foods and MRE being the slowest, raw fish and raw meats is the fastest, etc.)

This would also make farming and fishing new food more important than 3.0. Since now there’s actually a benefit for harvesting fresh crops or such.

Maybe by powered a refrigerator would also slows food degradation.

Maybe by cooked a fish or meat would also slows food degradation. (Like how smoked salmon or beef lasts a bit longer than it’s uncooked counterpart.)

Any thoughts?


Thats Pretty Good. :+1:t2:

I’m glad to inform you that this is already planned :+1:

Been there, done that. This is 10 months old and was conceived before 4.0 was even announced.


yeah but 20% in 1 day its absurd

a thirty-minute day is absurd on earth.

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Leave a hunk of raw meat out in the open for 5 days, tell me how that goes.

I should also mention that the only foods that spoil that fast are unpreserved foods, and even then, you can properly store them to slow it down even further or stop it entirely.


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