Food Expiration Dates, and Nutritional Value

For 4.0, I’d like to suggest food items to have an expiration date.

In roleplay servers, I’m a prepper, I always like to fill up my house’s garage with a lot of canned food, and the problem that most ‘stockpile’ preppers face is having to rotate their goods when they go bad.

If I pick up a food/drink item at any percent, and I right-click it. It’ll say for example.
“Best By 2/23/2018 4:55 PM” Depending on the player’s timezone.
And when the time the expiration date reaches, it starts to expire and/or lose nutritional value.
Some foods, you can eat safely past the expiration date, some canned foods could be eaten past your lifespan if stored properly.
Or some cases, they can just degrade in nutritional value and taste if not stored in a fridge (which could require energy source), or start degrading faster depending on how hot the atmosphere is.

I’m going to work on another post regarding more food suggestions, thank you for taking the time to read my second topic!

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Thanks for the comment but, does it have anything to do with the post?

He’s vaguely saying he dislikes your idea.

Thank you. I always seem to struggle to understand phrases. I still respect his opinion!


I made a detailed Food Spoilage concept for the Unturned subreddit many months back.


I’ve already made a post regarding this topic a while back…

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Since we’re all self advertising,

That’s not how it works. Dammit, Harv xD

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That food spoils is an good idea, but an exipiration date seems very complex and not useful.


Well hey, I was advertising because I was the first to bring it up, but on a different medium
Kylie advertised since he was the first to bring it up in the SDG Forums

Seems fair to me

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You had to wait 8 days to make that joke? XD
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sorry, wasnt really thinking when I posted that. that was absolutely terrible of me…

Don’t worry about it :stuck_out_tongue:
I wasn’t triggered or anything
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lo, it had actually been a joke about how people cant decide a persons gender xd.

I can tell xD

I 100% agree we could also add something for fridges and coolers to actually be helpful for once.

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