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>I’m not included



I think these pictures are sort of like when you give some gum to your friend, but then the teacher says “did you bring enough for everyone?” Because the 3 people above seem pretty pissed (even though they may be joking).


Only $49.99 a pack! Get it at Cumberland farms!: I want to know you’re location!

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You ain’t a regular, plus Pork didn’t even do all the regulars, but he does plan to do more. Pork also kinda needs to know something about you, I doubt he knows anything about you.


forgotten intensifies


I’m just going to stay out of this topic for now.

Unturned regulars now making their own Magic: The Gathering cards to print out, I’m bookin tickets to the event.

What’d you use to make these, Pork?


Photoshop :upside_down_face:

lmao why do we use such powerful photo editing tools only to make memes

because a good portion of memes on this Forum are garbage

I also do actually use photoshop for more intense graphic imaging, I’ve actually posted quite a few pieces of artwork on here.


Links? Im interested

And this final one is special, it took me about 6 1/2 hours to make it :slight_smile:

very epic, especially Unturned Shirts

People really like the last one,

I wonder if I should message Nelson about it being officially made


Lets make it happen :eyes:

I’d like something like this in real life.


A red offbrand jersey with a patterned shirt like that should be too hard to find, I wonder if Nelson made that shirt cos it was maybe one of his favourite outfits?

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