Found a good example of an unoptimized UE4 game (The Parallax Effect)

A free2play survival game made in Unreal Engine. Mediocre art style and is infested with lots of bugs/animations. But what I’m eyeing on is that it runs very poorly, worse than Unturned 3.0. About half the FPS compared to what I get in Unturned.

Kinda of an interesting fact, it’s made by a solo developer but he had no initial support before release. Interface is somewhat similar (HP/Hunger/Thirst/Immunity bar at the bottom left, ammo/weapon name at the bottom right). But after all, it’s very early access and dev stated we wants to start off building a community so he can improve his stuff

Here’s the link if you wanna take a look:

Kinda tells you that engines don’t really matter in terms of performance. Hopefully with enough time spent, Unturned 4.0 will execute pretty well.


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