Friendly fire in teams

Well that’s all, having the possibility of causing damage or even killing a teammate, this would give a greater tension between shootings between two groups because if a friend of yours is in the vicinity of the bullet trajectory he may end up dying, that should be optional the server owner can choose to enable or not.


Maybe by vanilla the TK settings would depend on the difficult(like bleeding)
Normal TK ON, reduced DMG to group members
Hard TK ON, full DMG to group members


I don’t know why but. I think some random pvp group would just punching each other to death with the following scenario.

1 : Alright team, we will loot the farm and moves to the military base. Any questions?
2 punches 1
1 : Ouch, why was that for?
2 : It’s tag teaming dude.
1 punches 2 multiple times
2 : Ouch, I need healing.
And then they just continue the circle of punching each other to death then unfriended themselves.

But again, I didn’t know enough about PVPing to dispute this idea.

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About Groups

Firsting first i am a player of rust and i percept with the “Team Update” changed the game adding advantages to players with team.

What is rust?

Rust is a MMO game of survival, the objective is make a base and domain the server destroyng and raiding other bases when your enemies stay offline.

the changes on update are:

  • Add a compass on screen
  • Add a green point on head showing the friends.
  • Add Show friends position on map

Just 3 things and the friendly fire on my group ago frequently, now are 0 ZERO

and the Compass and Map turn the calls plus easy.

About the question of friendly fire this dont go make “fear sensation when changing shoots” because with the mecanisms actualy presents in unturned this just go happen propositaly. Need discut about this 3 things presents in unturned to add this sensation!

Back to Rust i realy hated this update because turn the game less tense, because remove the only disavantage on game in group… The friendly fire.

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Friendly fire off: Unturned is fun with your friends
Friendly fire on: Unturned is fun with your enemies

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Seems reasonable enough, could had already become a thing in 3.0 if you ask me

Oh! That made me think:
Unturned should have a “Realistic” game difficult?
Most realistic mechanics that people suggest don’t fit the normal game at all, but they could be implemented on a special game difficult.

rust relly heavily on pure survival without any high end numbo jumbo like oxygenerators, and the team update was required to not just to “stop ff” to stop targeting friendlies as enemies cause teamplay in big clans required a lot of micro/dress code.

in unturned nothing of it would fit it, i am serious.

I agree on this one. Maybe the damage to teamates could be reduced like in l4d2 but still, having this game mechanic in would defenetly make things way more interesting. Another thing: some game mechanics in II should not be optional like it was in 3.0, so that the game would give a more defined track that people would follow.

I definitely think if bullet penetration should cause reduced damage and worse ballistics, so even if you have friendly fire disabled, shooting through your meat shields would be a bad idea.

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