Full 4.0 weapon wishlist (With custom names)

This is the full wishlist of the Unturned II Firearms.

What this post will include:
Weapon types and names as well as their custom names for Unturned.

What this post will not include:
Weapon characteristics (Range,caliber,rarity,attachment points etc…)

Important note:Some of the custom names and even guns will be the same as 3.0,please don’t blame me for lack of creativity,I will try my best :frowning_face:

So,let’s begin:


Colt m1911–>Colt
M9 Beretta–>Ranger
.44 Magnum–>Bullkick


Uzi–>Bulldog (I’m sorry,I couldn’t lose more braincells thinking of a custom name :frowning_face:)
M93 Raffica–>Mad ranger
Glock 18–>Wolf


Kriss Vector–>Frostbite
Scorpion evo–>Rapidstrike
Ak 74u–>Glory


AR15–>Eaglefire,let’s stick with the classics.
M16–>Maplestrike (I wanted to change the real gun here more than the custom name)
AUG A3–>Firestarter
AS val–>Shadow




M14 EBR–>Seal
Remington R11 Rsass–>Bullseye


GM6 Lynx–>Conqueror
Winchester 94–>Lever action


Remington 870–>Nova
Dp 12–>Cerberus
Saiga 12–>Hydra
Double barrel shotgun–>Double barrel


SMAW–>Rocket Launcher
Flare gun–>Flare gun

Note that this is just a wishlist and I am not asking Nelson for anything.

Share your thoughts and suggestions down below,thanks for reading :slight_smile:


I think m16 should be boomstick. I read somewhere online that people nicknamed it boomstick.aalso the as Val is an assault carbine.

Oh god! I forgot to add a carbines section,well too late,don’t have any ideas :man_shrugging:

A lot of these are… eh. I’d personally just want to wait to see Nelson’s own decisions on gun additions and such before making a “catalog” of suggestions.


Some creativity, instead of the usuall bad memes. Gj

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No offense, but some of these names are just terrible. Like the Makarov. Why would you name the Makarov a Mosquito when you can just readily call it a Makarova?


I prefer the name Scalar from 3.X, because of the mathematical definitions of scalar and vector.

Nope. Russian weapons need faux-slavic names.


To add to my original comment of “wait for Nelson’s ideas”, I really feel like although these names are “original”, they do not fit the type of gun, or really are original in any way to be brutally honest. Most of these feel like you just pulled out a dictionary, flipped through a bunch of pages, and then pointed at a noun and was like “this seems good” and then used it. Another thing I find odd is your desire to change the gun that the Maplestrike is based off of. Don’t you realize that the entire reason “Maple” is in the name of the gun because it’s based off the Canadian C7A1 (Or one of it’s other variants)?

Overall, these gun suggestions just seem kind of lazy and more like “I want this to be like this” without any proper reason.

EDIT: On another note, maybe you should change the title to reflect more on the fact that this is a “wishlist”. Calling it a catalog is almost like “these are the guns that need to be added” or “confirmed guns”.

EDIT 2: Well I keep finding things to need to edit this with. The Colt m1911 can’t be called just the Colt, otherwise Nelson wouldn’t have changed the name in 3.0.


This is a very diverse group of weapons, but I feel it may be too diverse. Since weapons will be so modular and use the correct caliber ammunition, I’d prefer more of the weapons have ammo or parts interchangeability. For example, I feel the Bullkick being the only revolver in the game would be a poor decision, because there’s no weapons similar enough to have some interchangeable parts, and no other weapon uses the same ammunition as it. If we had to have only one revolver to be in the game, I’d pick something like an M1917 revolver or a revolver with ammunition interchangeability with a lever-action rifle.

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I would definitely prefer themes for gun categories
Ruger LCP - Foal
1911 - Colt
P228 - Stallion

Also if ranger and military are diffrent categories in 4, they should have fairly equal counterparts.

Yeah,I know,honestly,my brain overheated when I tried to think of names for the russian guns.


True my man,true.

Well,I appreciate the creative criticism,but I’m not the most creative person ever,I tried my best.
But,we all have to admit that Nelson is the best at thinking of custom names.

this doesn’t make sense. the entire point of the “Maple” in “Maplestrike” is that it designates the gun as canadian (the actual Maplestrike is a C7A2).

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Well,I just made a suggestion,let’s leave the rest to Nelson.

That’s not how suggestions work. While Nelson certainly has the final say on all things, it is only beneficial to get the opinion of multiple people rather than a single person. Humans are inherently flawed, and will have bias. Larger sample sizes means less bias.

The rifles from the AR family have an aspect of nature and then an attack as their names. If I were coming up with a name for the m16, m4, AR-10 or AR-18 I’d definitely follow that pattern.

Edit: the lockdown doesn’t follow this pattern, but it’s curated content and less closely related to the other AR type rifles.

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the maplestrike is based off a cz.

cz =/= Colt Canada

I think if nelson use the name of kalashnikov in the ak 47 nothing happend (i know is a simple name, but is a good gñnaame)
EDIT: i said ig and not if and game not name

Kalashnikov is trademarked.

I say we keep the name Zubeknakov for a 7.62 AK variant while the AK-74 and AK-74u could take the slightly modified Pashtu names Krashnikov and Krinkov. (not glory or hospitality please)