Fun utnruend fact

yeah unturned cool cool cool

frick me cod warzone take too long too install


cod warzone finished downlaoding!!! yay

When you are raiding a base and you stand to close to the charges:

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I know you are fourteen and all but damm you have to stop likefarming, shit looses all meaning like that


This level of shitposting is abhorrent

I did much better back in the day, and my award was getting warned by reaver

If you post to much the post loses meaning and the people stop caring.

Thank you for this magnificent video

I shall make it my theme song during exams, it will really show the pain


It’s the only song I listened too while I was downloading war zone (which took nearly 3 fucking weeks)

I’m actually 13 and I made this post because I was lonely and had nothing too do

Leave it alone


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Scweam cweam! :DDDD

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No. You made your problem our problem.

COPPA goes brrrrr

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