Future of Unturned?

Given the fact that Nelson is developing Unturned II, and that he is a solo developer who pretty much has to pour all of his time into Unturned II, what do you think will happen to Unturned I? I think it will continue to get bug fixes, as well as a continuous flow of content added via the workshop, but Nelson won’t add any official content to it any more.

On a separate note, do you guys think there is any point in creating an Unturned I server now? Given the fact that the focus may shift to Unturned II fairly soon?


Yes, because unturned II isn’t that public yet.

Also I think it’s going to take a while till unturned will die because Unturned II doesn’t have much content yet and is PvE focussed while unturned is PvP focussed so people that prefer PvP may still be playing Unturned.

But if Unturned II will be more public, more people will play Unturned II instead of Unturned.


Realistically speaking I would say it is another year or so before people switch to Unturned II, maybe more. Currently we are just at a Pre-Alpha Demo of unturned II, and Nelson, being a solo dev, will take ages to complete the game.

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I believe it will take 2-3 years from now before the first game is unpopular

Who knows. Maybe there’s some weird phenomenon where we have 2 separate communities.


2 separate communities is unlikely given the fact that the games are vaguely similar, and Nelson isn’t one to completely go in a direction that will annoy most of the player-base. I’d say we have another year to fully enjoy Unturned I, and then another year to enjoy Unturned I but with a decreased player-base (most move to Unturned II). After that, I doubt Unturned I will die, but it just won’t be worth playing anymore for most people.

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Vague similarities are usually the reason why two separate communities exist, isn’t it? Even for big sequels you still have a bunch of people who prefer the original game.

It really depends on how similar the games are, and how much overlap there is between the games. U4 feels a bit more serious than the kinda-wacky U3, which may be enough of a reason for people to prefer U3.

There’s also that it’ll take a while for U4 to have the same amount of content quantity as U3, even if the game is “objectively superior” otherwise. Once the games are on par, then I’d say it’d be reasonable to assume that U3 would have no more than 500 players at a time.


Ok I guess that makes sense. Unturned I probably has a good 3 more years of being as active as it is now, and then 3 more years after that where it may slowly decrease.

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I wouldn’t give it 3 years, that’s a very long time. Even the most dedicated Unturned 2.0 players stopped after like 1 - 1,5 years after 3 released, and 4.0 is almost certainly releasing in a better, more advanced state than 3 ever did.

Was 3.0 really that different from 2.0? Most people stayed nonetheless. The main difference is that Unturned II will be an entirely different game, so i think people will stay for longer.

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It was quite a big jump, in many, many ways. At release it was more similar than it is now, true, but my main server stayed alive on 2.2.5 for well over a year after it released proper, and I don’t mean the OPERATIONMAPLELEAF thing.

It still took quite a few updates for it to surpass 2 in maps (really only when Canada + and Washington came out) and general gameplay and polish.

I disagree with your last statement, personally. I think because of the greater difference people will stay for shorter. Especially due to 3.0s pisspoor performance and drought of proper servers, I do think 4.0 will rapidly outnumber it. A few holdouts will certainly be there, but I’m confident the RP community will jump ship nearly immediatly as soon as the server configs are ready, and so will the casual PVP playerbase.

Unlike 2.0, I don’t see what possible benefits 3 could have over 4, I am very confident that Nelson learned from the somewhat rushed launch of 3 and will release it when it’s properly ready, hopefully with talking to the modding community as well.

Of course, all of this is just speculation until we see it ourselves, but nonetheless.

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