Gaining Access to Unturned II (april)

Hi, I really thank if someone answered this. I wanna know how much hours do I need to get Unturned II and what to do when I get it, actually I have 1120 hours . Someone told me is 1200 now, is that right?

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You currently need 1250 hours, so you’re almost there.


I feel like there should be a FAQ that’s pinned for new users, It would kinda clear up a lot of confusion.


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In this topic, you can see current requirements for the access to UII. Right now, it’s 1250 hours but while you may reach that amount soon, it might drop again eventually to even less required amount.

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Okay, thank you very much bro. Apreciate it. :wink:

I totally agree, there should be one.

Thank you, hope it drops to 1200.

right now it looks like it’s dropping in intervals of 250 hours, so it’ll probably decrease to 1000 hours next.

might drop straight to 1000 cause it seems like it always drops by 250 hours

Literally the same thing AstronautPug said yesterday.

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Sometimes you just gotta steal an idea to get the attention you want.

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