Game Cameras

Hello my name is General Edward.

i have been thinking while playing Unturned 3.0 how to inprove the camras!
the vehicle/driving cam’s have been a strugge to drive with. like when you drive offroad the camra is completly Locked to the car/caracter. if you could make it more “free moving” it would feel more smooth and look better while driving.

then the 3’rd persone cam could also be inproved by making it more like h1z1 kotk camra… its just some stuff i would like being added :slight_smile:

I don’t quite understand what you mean by the “more fluid car camera”

i think that a fight camera(for jet’s specialy)will make driving better(but nelson should fix the bug how make MACOSX game version users canot use admin cameras or hotkeys)

Well if you drive a car the camra is 100% locked and i would like more like the gta camra or somthing!

It’s not tho

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