Game wont load, shows a black screen with white bars and text

Today when i tried to load Unturned, It showed a black screen with 2 white bars and some text. The text said “#ASSETS_LOAD”. I have already verified the game files. I have also deleted and unsubscribed from all workshop mods. Someone help. It is only a matter of time before I die from Unturned withdrawal. :disappointed_relieved::weary::-1:

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Also my specs are:
Processor: 3.4 GHz Core i3-4130
Memory Speed: 1600 MHz
Hard Drive: 1024 GB SATA
Graphics Coprocessor: Intel HD Graphics 4400

work on the lastest like mine but this only happen one time thought the unturned open it again and see. If you mess up the file than that on you there m8.

Try opening the unturned app in your unturned folder. To get to your unturned folder, right click unturned on ur steam library, click local files and browse local files, and the unturned app should be there. I’ve did this, but it stopped working a day after, as I am finding another solution.

Or reinstall unturned easy. …

I found the solution!!!
just download microsoft visual: steam://openurl/

Someone says the black creen is caused by the VC++
To solve the problem need to donload VC++ 2017 X86 or higher
BUT!!! many people are using Win7 X32(like me) and the C++ 2017 X64 nedds X64 system or higher
it’s wery big problem PLZ manage it!

Time to upgrade then, you can’t stay with a 32-bit OS the rest of your life. To play Unturned you really need 64-bit now.

haha my computer is old.i bought it in 2010.
if i want to upgrade it means i have to buy a new one.And my schoolwork cant allow meto do that.
So…i have to use this computer for a couple of years. hmmmmm…a sad story

There is nothing to do unfortunately :frowning:

RIP @GasAndFire

hmmmm JUST HOPE Nelson can solve the problem. SO SAD

i found out that that loading problem
is caused by unturned itself
its loading some stuff for discord
and when that doesnt work
it deosnt load
(Failed to load ‘D:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Unturned/Unturned_Data/Plugins/discord-rpc.dll’ with error ´Could not find the specified module.`)