Germany Easter Egg. How to add something like that to my map?

We’re currently trying to make an RP map where you need to talk to an NPC before you can do anything. The NPC gives you a run-down of the rules and etc and we want the NPC to give us a quest that (when completed) gives us access to a certain area of the map somehow. We’re doing this because that certain area of the map will have a rocketmod perm region that gives you perms to warp out of spawn and begin your RP adventures.

I watched the easter egg of Germany and you needed to get coils and stuff to power a teleporter of sorts. How can I do something like that with an NPC and quests?

Interactability_Reward_0_Type Teleport

and devkit stuff probably

Interactability Quest
Interactability_Effect 38

Interactability_Rewards 1

Interactability_Reward_0_Type Teleport
Interactability_Reward_0_Spawnpoint (Name)

took this from a discord server



and no i don’t mess with this stuff

Or you could even use what Flodo said and atacch it to an interactable item, so that when a player uses that item they would be teleported. Important is, that the teleport destination is a devkit spawnpoint that shares its name with the Interactability_Reward_0_Spawnpoint (Name).
Also, it doesn’t have to be simply an ID number, it can really be anything.

Considering you don’t mess with this stuff we’d love to have someone that knows what these lines of jibberish mean / do because I hecka dont and I hecka don’t make the map :smiley:

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