Germany fix?

Im just wondering why doesnt Germany get fixed. The fps drops are literally insane. I had this in mind for a long time now. Always asked my self “Why is that?” Is there a particular reason for this?

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Is there a particular area you notice FPS drops? After the recent update I’ve been getting stable 120+ FPS on Germany. (was my main test case for the level batching)

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Mostly when entering Berlin, Ive noticed 20-30 FPS drops. For me in particular, it doesnt do much. But for others it might do a lot. On the other hand, once people build a decent amount of structures in Berlin (pvp - plates,barricades) my FPS often gets to 60-80 from 160. And not sure if its providers faults, but sometimes theres just a huge ping spike. Often the server needs to be restarted for it to get somewhat fixed. Of course that I can fix the FPS drops through more frequent wipes. But overall Germany, at least for me, seems rather laggy.

To clarify: is this still happening (to the same extent of 20-30 fps drops) after the recent update, or is this just your experience from previous times you’ve played on the map? Berlin has a lot of objects.

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It has been happening for a long time now. But to answer your question, yes, it is still happening even now. Im not the only one that has been complaining about this. Got a lot of reports stating that servers seem laggy, but FPS and ping wise.

As far as I know this is partly because Berlin was put into the centre of the map. Whatever part of the map you are in - Berlin stays loaded. Placing it into one square of the map would probably fix it partly but I am not too sure.

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omg frosta


Berlin (and similar locations) will always be the most performance-intensive areas just due to how densely-packed they are. The frame rate drops (and lag lines in multiplayer) shouldn’t be as bad after a bunch of the updates we’ve released these last couple years.

For reference, would you mind sharing your computer specs?

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Omg Liam pogpog

Yeah, I know that Berlin is hard on the specs. My specs arent anything crazy, rx 580, ryzen 7 2700 8-core, 16gigs ram.

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