Germany Incredible Glitch Base

Hello, so you can do what I do in this video and glitch inside the mountain. Anyone knows about this they can make unraidable bases easily. Really secured since nobody knows about this. Not ok at all. You can build any type of base. Hope this will get the attention it deserves and be dealt with, thank you ! :smiley:


That’s some sweet german engineering out there


who plays germany lmao

Thank you for the report and the video example! I have made a note to fix for the next patch.


Touched by god.

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Wellcome to the forum m8

This base was created by NASA engineers i guess.

Hi Steve, whatchu’ doing here ?

I would say I’m an active member of the forum but that’s not true
also, I’m just chilling
it’s nice to see veterans come to this forum :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good to see you too ! :smiley:

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If I want to show something to people through a video… I would record in day time so that watchers can actually see something… I don’t know :man_shrugging: is it just me?

Would have been better to do it at daytime. It still does the job doesn’t it ?

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