Gestures menu

Since 2.0 the gestures menu (raise hands, point, sit) has been the same, just an English text describing the gesture, I believe Unturned II will have several more gestures and having only texts can be tricky for countries that do not speak English, I believe a menu similar to the one attached below will make everything more intuitive.

Capturar 1.PNG


I agree that such a gesture menu would be a nice thing, especially if we get to see more gestures animations. (In fact, perhaps we could have some gestures unique to some player position, like when the player is laying, he can start a push-up animation, a “sleeping” animation or something)


More gestures would be awesome. I can not tell how many times I have used the wave in Unturned to communicate to another player. I think it would be cool if we even got a little jig or something funny like that.


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