Get this post to 1 reply

For no reason other than the fact I said so, we have to get to an astounding 1 REPLY!
I never thought anybody in the world would be as insane as to suggest getting 1 reply, such a big number.
You have no idea how many decimal places are behind the number one.

If we get this to 1 reply we won’t get anything, there’s literally no point in replying.

Not funny?

I don’t care.

This joke is terrible. That’s why it’s here.
It’s just a parody making fun of the pointlessness of Get this post 1 million reply's
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It has been lost, we will never reach 1 reply.

Now, you’ve got two replies. Only way to get it down to one is if someone deletes a reply.

Hey, look. It’s P9nda.

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