Give me something to draw but with a twist

Texas Red doesn’t stand a chance with the bigness of that iron

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Unturned character but with fingers


Do a still life but this is your reference:
goddamn it I hate it when it doesn’t emb
it’s a weird gif of bob ross petting an animal but everything is changing, the hands start to look like dogs, the animal changes features constantly, it’s hard to explain you just have to see it.

Here’s something to talk to your therapist about.

Sorry for the poor quality, my drawing tablet is broken so I have to draw with a mouse for now.

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4k Unturned Player

@SomebodyOnEarth these weren’t here before…



I need better challenges

Draw Van Gogh’s Starry Night without erasing or undoing anything.

Draw mi pana, no erasing allowed

realized 5 hours later his thumb is on the wrong side


Draw the ground goblins, but no CTRL-Z’ing. if you fuck up, YOU FUCK UP BOI.
also somehow incorporate the chat message

Draw an Unturned action scene on Germany, but upside down (Dont draw it right side up then flip it thats cheating)

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…why…just why…





Here’s your slightly less pixelated MP9, that’ll be MP-900 USD please!

Also my new tablet is arriving tomorrow so this will be the last shitty mouse drawing I do. Hooray?

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draw a picture

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