Glitch can u help

YO I need help I cant see the grass and its bean like this for 3 weeks and I don’t know what to do can u help me

Might be obvious but have you made sure that the grass in the graphics settings has been enabled ?


As @Oyamat mentioned, make sure foilage and what not is enabled in your graphics settings. There should be settings for if you want low, medium, or high desities of grass and other foilage.

they have bean

they are. so

Screenshots would likely be useful. Screenshots of the lack of grass, and of your graphical settings.

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Have you tried to delete and install the game?

What the fuck. How did the terrain disappear? Uninstall and reinstall the game.

Cheating but not actually cheating

Is it only on that map, or on every map?

That looks like a server issue to me imo. Judging from the chat box in the corner.

It’s not a server problem.

Either it is a problem with the mod itself, but then everyone would have it, or something went wrong in their files and they are missing some of them. But we can’t help until they respond.

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