Glitching into the Ground

You all know what i’’m talking about!
Does anyone know if Nelson is planning on fixing this annyoing bug?!

What does hitching into the ground mean (how do you miss G and L?) Why is this under UII, as it hasn’t been released, and im pretty sure you dont have a copy of the game to see bugs with it.


No one knows what your talking about. I’m going to assume your talking about Glitching into the Ground, that’s caused by lag. That’s not really anything Nelson can fix it’s more of a server side issue.

Recategorizing to UI and changing the name from “Hitching into the Ground” to “Glitching into the Ground”


Maybe he talks about that ping issue, when you constantly fall underground and teleport on it, or about glitch bases


First off, this isn’t really helpful, you could have elaborated a bit if this was a bug that people actually didn’t know about. Please actually put some effort into your future posts.

Secondly, “rubberbanding” (as the phenomenon is often called) is almost 100% of the time a result of clientside issues or lag between the server and the player’s game. It’s not something Nelson can fix, because more often than not it comes down to your hardware.


its definitely not my hardware my computer is top notch and it happens to everyone where a player is constantly “rubberbanding” back into the same spot.

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Your computer could be a NASA super computer. That doesn’t mean you’re not subject to the server-client lag that causes this to begin with.

It happens to everyone because everyone’s played on a laggy server at least once.


I assume you are talking about a way to get under the map using a bug? (Using several methods either in Multiplayer or Singleplayer) Yes, I’m pretty sure Nelson is well aware of this.

This has since been patched by all currently known methods in multiple updates near the end of 2018. If you’ve found a way to do it now though I’d recommend reporting it.

I did find a way in singleplayer and there still is a way doing it in multiplayer and they both have been reported.

your either talking about lag from what I’ve seen from the replies,
or your talking about the scorpion seven glitch with the pine plates and shit

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