Gloves design

The new design is kind of weird, looks like a sponge and doesn’t have the detail of the fingers (well that detail is part of the name of the glove).


The old one is more proportional, and has the detail of the “fingers”.best gloves design.

Anyway thanks @SDGNelson for your incredible work, looking forward to the next devlog.


Just to clarify: the “finger” slits were removed in a more recent devlog when revising certain design ideas regarding animation quality vs anatomically-dependent model details. That is to say, avoiding weird stretching or wide twists that may have been “necessary” to make certain model details look “correct” (e.g., the position of fingers, the position of a wrist cuff).


@MoltonMontro Well, the fingers were a detail that I liked but it will not be much needed, different from the triggers on the weapons that contribute to the design in a more expressive way (the glock is an example), but I still call attention to the current shape of the gloves, they look like pieces of sponge cut in relation to the others that were more straight and linear.

Well that appears on devlog 41 apparently, well at least it allows more to the game than aesthetics, I can’t wait to see the animations of the arms when walking, running, and the return of the animations on the steering wheel when driving, I wonder what will be the neutral position of arms the position with arms down, or the current one is good, but it seems that the character wants to fight at any time hehe.


You know I like the old design as well

Cause you can murder your wife and her friend behind your house in LA like it’s 1994


In all honesty, both designs can work and exist at the same time. The new one would simply be gloves (or similar) and the old one would be ‘fingerless’ gloves (The real question is do we even have fingers? Our stubs for hands have partial incorporeal properties when holding items so eh)


Actually the real question is if the glove fits


@pest wait, we have fingers?

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vsauce moment

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imagine having fingers…

Thanks for your kind words. I completely agree that the older gloves were better, but I experimented with removing the “fingers” as a necessary evil: unfortunately hand orientation (gloves, cufflinks) cannot coexist with other arm details like elbow pads and shoulder patches without each looking terrible in different poses because the hands cannot be rotated separately from the arms.

It’s a detail that bugs me in 3 as well. Wearing the suits there are cufflinks, but the arm rotation makes no sense between climbing / swimming / prone / standing for the sake of reducing twist.

Over the christmas break I experimented a bit with completely separating the hands and feet into their own little blocks to resolve this:


it seems your troubled in making some models
so i decided to make you one myself

hope it helps


wow, the models were great Nelson, the current model of the character is very good it is also more robust, if this new model is implemented I hope you don’t need to spend so much time remodeling backpacks, vests and etc., a probable solution would be just to separate the hand without the need for a new elbow joint, but I know you will make the best choice, it is really incredible the dedication and love you have for your work, from the whole community I leave a Thank you, Unturned II will be a great game.


I know the Judge and jury will as well

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