Gold is literally P2W


Some of you might think I’m talking about how Gold players can change their skin to match the foliage of the map in order to blend in better and have perfect camoflage, or that Gold players have access to useful cosmetics or whatever. But in reality it only gives a tiny advantage when actually playing the game.


Gold players have access to about 5 characters on their account. Each of these characters have seperate inventories and skills. Which means that, when playing on a server, whatever loot Gold players find they can store all of it on their alt-characters. And these alt-characters are completely untouchable, when you log out with them, they don’t leave their bodies sleeping on the ground, so the loot within them is completely safe. Meaning that Gold players have a massive impenetrable vault that they can store literally all of their loot on, outfit their alt-characters with the best gear and alice packs for storage space, keep all of their precious guns and dozens of explosives safe, and absolutely never have to worry about losing any of it. And when they need any of the gear they have stored, they can simply log in with those alt-characters and use whatever they need, again, with no risk of losing any of it.

This might not be all that terrible on Rocket servers that have these vaults anyways, but on PVP vanilla survival this is absolutely TERRIBLE. What ends up happening is each group will have at least one Gold member, they all build these massive bases, and when you finally decide to raid them by using up a lot of your equipment, you get absolutely NOTHING from raiding them. Because all of their loot is on their alt-characters which are untouchable. There’s just no point in raiding anybody on vanilla, because everybody keeps their loot tucked and safe. And then they can very easily retaliate by raiding you in return, considering they didn’t lose any of THEIR own equipment.

And thing is, there’s no point in having these alt-characters anyways! Nelson, I assume, probably added these for RP reasons, so that you could use different characters for different purposes, but as far as I know, nobody does that, and instead use these accounts to store all their loot safely. It’s like having a Vaults plugin on a vanilla server, which completely defeats the purpose of it being vanilla.

TL;DR - this is so sad, Alexa, play Despacito


Cannot lie, immediately skimmed the post due to being unoriginal.

Frequently mentioned but generally agreed that very few people actually use them as back-up storages except those who complain about them being OP. :I

Personally, I use them in single-player for various projects and niche needs.

EDIT: To clarify, I’ve never had an issue where tons of people on a server use alternative character profiles as storage. I’ve also never seen people use alternative Steam accounts, which people have complained about in similar posts (not yours).


I’m not even sure how you can possibly say that. I’m a person who plays vanilla 90% of the time, and literally all the groups that play on vanilla keep their loot stored. It happens all the time, so I can’t possibly imagine how you can say that “very few people use them”

And it doesn’t even matter, because this is actually an exploit. This is not an intended feature to be able to keep all of your loot completely safe. Especially considering Nelson himself claimed that Gold didn;t have an effect on gameplay.


I can say that similar to how you pretend literally every gold member does this, with constant exaggerations like “literally P2W” and “literally all the groups.” I, too, basically play exclusively vanilla.

I didn’t deny it wasn’t an exploit.


And to give more context about me, I’ve played this game since 2.0, have almost 2k hours into the game and I’m pretty competitive when I play vanilla survival.


Okay, I exaggerated, but it really is generally true. All the big competitive groups that play PVP vanilla survival really do keep all of their loot safe.

This is what I have seen at least.


And since you agree it’s an exploit, shouldn’t it be fixed regardless of how many people abuse it?


Unturned 3 likely won’t see any changes to how things like that are handled, although it’s pretty well-agreed that a lot of people don’t want to see a similar feature tied to any paywall-DLC in Unturned II, regardless of how many people actually exploit it.


That’s good. This post was less of a request to change Unturned 3.0 (since I’m not playing it right now anyways and I’m waiting for Unturned II), but more a frustrated statement, since it’s pretty terrible how this P2W exploit was allowed to thrive for the entirety of 3.0’s existence.

And I still can’t believe you basically said “it’s not a big deal”
Maybe you don’t play Vanilla as much as I do (or did), but all the gold members abused this. Trust me, each group had at least one member and stored their loot like this. Any bases that would normally be worth raiding were instead filled with lettuce and rope. And it definitely was a big thing for everyone who was playing vanilla and it definitely DID affect the gameplay.


yes, four American dollars. Very pay to win


Yes, you pay money to get a huge advantage, literally P2W. It’s irrelevant how much money it actually is.


Did I just hear money?


it supports the developer, to make the game better.
you talk about all of this as a person who doesn’t have Gold. Why don’t you just buy it? it’s literally the money you’d find under your couch


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It’s from a meme called “Skidaddle skidoddle your everything is now property of the glorious Soviet regime.”


Have you even read this discussion? Do you know what this is about?


Do you have Gold?


chill with the attitude mate


This has got nothing to do with having Gold, this is about Gold players having the ability to store all their loot completely safely.


And if you haven’t even used Gold firsthand to see whether or not it’s really as useful as you say, you really can’t provide much criticism.