GPS displays large bases


Currently the gps in unturned doesn’t display bases or built structures.
I think it would be cool to have the gps refresh every half an hour to display what had been built. This would only work on bases with a large surface area to protect beginning/ less geared players.
What do you think?


This feels a bit unneeded imo, if a base is large enough to show up on a GPS, chances are that you’ve already seen the base; but you bring up an interesting point about the GPS.

I don’t know if anyone has really discussed this, but I feel like the GPS and Chart can have other balancing factors; because as it stands, there is no reason to use one over the other.

Maybe the chart only shows major locations/roads and what not, unmarked locations would not even show up on the chart

However with the GPS, unmarked locations will show up, this would also include random events such as helicopter crash sites; but the balancing factor being that the GPS needs batteries to remain operable.


You maybe could also find charts with different unmarked locations “drawn on them.”


The satalites operators need to make that satellite take those pictures to update it. So no. Don’t add it


It would create insensitive to have smaller more camouflaged bases. It would also be fun. I recon there should be different kinds of gps, a civilian one that dosnt update, and a military one that dose.
Maps be like in the long dark, starting with only main locations and you draw more on as you play. Or as said you can find maps that have locations drawn already on them.


Or just make the GPS and chart complementary, meaning the GPS displays coordinates which you can reference with the chart for more of a challenge. Seeing as most civilian services would probably be down and military equipment is more likely to be designed for a mass breakdown (from what I assume) it’d make sense consumer GPS systems wouldn’t work, again from what I assume. In addition it would spoil the fun of having to locate large bases, and may be resource intensive to render (baking charts in the map editor is already strenuous enough).


so then everyone would know where your base is if it is big enough, that sounds kinda… idk then it might get targeted quickly

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maby we could even draw on our own maps


Haven’t really tought about this subject, but I think you should instead be able to place special markers on the gps to mark other bases(or your own).


That’d be cool for teams, to plan routes and stuff. Perhaps like markers in 3.0, in groups everyone’s pen would be a different colour, so everyone in the group could see it on the map.

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God damn, does nobody here even know how much strain is put on your computer to generate a GPS image? That shit brings Unturned to a dead halt for a minute, if not more. There’s a reason that you can only generate the Chart and GPS images in-editor.


Doesn’t make sense. You need wifi for GPS silly


4G my guy.
Like onetinylizard suggested, would be cool to be able to draw on the charts and to mark your own locations if you want


Actually, it doesnt. Brick rigs can do this fine, and without a problem. Even when you spawn in a HUGE creation with over 10,000 bricks (and if you dont know, each brick is its own entity).


Because… it’s unreal engine, and not whatever Unturned runs on?
Wait oh god oh fuck i just realized that is has an Unturned 2 tag


U smeg

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I agree. Though I disagree that having the GPS show built structures is unneeded, I can think of a few situations that this would be helpful or intuitive, though there are more factors into this. Would this only apply to the player(s) who placed the structures? Or will it display all buildings built by players? If it’s the latter then that could lead to secret bases being harder to make, but it could also help people not lose their bases as easily. I don’t know what to think about it to be honest. Though your suggestion made me think, what if you could use flag poles or claim flags to also mark your own locations on the map? For example, placing down a flag pole and typing in something like “X’s base”, it would appear on the map like a village or location, but in a different colour to differentiate official locations to player locations. Just a thought.

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This couldn’t happen since GPSs need to be updated for new stuff to appear. Hell, even some newer roads in my area aren’t marked.

The only way for a GPS software to update requires internet, which I reckon would have died mid-apocalypse.

This is only a realistic approach to the matter, though.

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I think Nelson put that on his wish list or something he wants to add

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i feel like this would punish the solo players more instead, in a big clan with big base theres usually always someone online or the base has multiple layers of walls to protect while solo players often need to hide their base really good to avid getting raided

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