Grenade launcher

It would be very interesting to see in the game underbarrel grenade launchers. It is desirable that they have their own aiming system and acceptable ballistics. Accordingly, it would be logical to have close to real damage to buildings and transport within the norm and the game balance. Ru-community has long been trying to implement this as a custom modification, but all attempts failed.
Therefore, we are still waiting and believing. We hope that very soon we will be able to test the development in version 4.x.

I’m all for adding a grenade launcher, but an under-barrel? No thank you. I’m also against “real damage” seeing as the health/damage balance for base raiding is still mismatched.


i mean support for alternative weapon modes like that both with and without attachments would be cool but as a vanilla item? ehhhhh.


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I hope it uses the “tactical” key, and not make it so that we have to toggle it via select fire. Just image how annoying it would be to have to switch to safety.

Good idea. also, it will be cool to have Underbarrel shotgun (from Cod BO1)

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