Guess its my time to go

I’d definitely enjoy if Nelson went ahead and made a Trello board showing the transparency of what he’s currently working on and what’s being focused on next, because the Devlogs are few and far between when it comes to showing off the features of UII well. They’re good for showing what’s been done in a visual format but if I were to know what Nelson was working on at the moment, it’d allow me to better allocate my resources towards suggestions that go hand in hand with what he’s currently doing, rather than taking a shot in the dark on a suggestion that’s still months away from implementation.

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if you’re actually serious about leaving then why don’t you anonymize your account


oops wrong emoji


He said that he might go back on that, and he doesn’t want to lose the account in case he changes his mind.

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if he’s not sure about this in the first place, then why make a giant announcement about it?

So people aren’t wondering where he is I guess?

has anyone ever asked where peedoo7 went?



also, did anyone ever ask where narcoleptichound went during his absence?

have you seen anyone ask who harvest was?

have you ever seen someone ask around for crashlogger?

shadyinvidual? that name ring a bell?

eduardodev? interesting fella, wasn’t he?

F1; anyone remember him?

mr. rawr; has anyone asked about him?

tiway, zero, ZUBEKNAKOV, ultimatecattree, vizard, zero, LeMaKoTi

AJ, himself, had absences of weeks or so, and i hardly recall anyone asking about his presence

i’ll stop beating around the bush, this post is just attention seeking

Who’s peedoo7
I only know about harvest, f1, and Crashlogger of the thing you said

I don’t count, but I recall somebody

Some have asked why he left

Nope, though tbh he wasn’t that big of a presence on the forum.

It does in fact, most people who would know him are not really on the forum, it was nice to see him comeback for a breif time.

Don’t remember what he was like.


I was going to actually, however I have held off on it, miss him.

Miss ZUBE, I still know Tiway, though the others I don’t rememer.


that’s my point; quite obviously, you don’t need to make a gigantic post about leaving the forum under any circumstances, and even then a poorly structured essay that takes up a page of space is more or less incredibly overkill, and even then it’s not even about leaving the forum permanently

it’s quite obviously just an overly melodramatic half-assed exit that exists only to seek attention

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They’re dropping like flies!

fair point lmao

you don’t just expect people to come out of nowhere and ask where these people are, and what happened to them. believe me dude, i did actually wonder where these people were, solely because they disappeared without a single word.
harvest was a chill dude, heard he left because of personal reasons so didn’t even bother to ask
it’s impossible to not notice crashlogger, he liked so many comments that it was impossible for him to go unnoticed. although, i don’t even know him very much and he didn’t really make a big appearance on the forum, so why would i ask if i can’t remember someone
eduardodev is probably still doing development and stuff, and can’t remember who he is either
i can remember F1 but i didn’t know him much again
zero? duuuude he already appears once a year in a regular basis
ok you got me at ultimatecattree

names i didn’t mention, i can’t remember very well
you just straight up assumed people didn’t wonder where they were because they just didn’t simply ask out loud, great job :clap:

uh, this post was the perfect opportunity sorry didn’t know i was not allowed to say goodbye

the whole point is, it’s just better to say goodbye instead of leaving without a word and never coming back. i mean if you think about it, you can see A LOT of people who have disappeared from the community without a word. will give examples from famous names: what happened to 2rgames? there was literally zero past activity in anywhere i could contact them
what happened to tribros gaming? does anybody actually remember him? he disappeared like almost or maybe more than 3 years ago, his steam account is unrecognizeable, and literally zero past activity on twitter from the past 3 years.
people did actually wonder where did they go, and they had no clue because they said nothing before quitting. knowing AJ is a known forum regular, it just wouldn’t be the perfect choice for him to leave without a single word. even if people hated or liked him/me, it’s just the best to acknowledge that you’re leaving so people don’t wonder.

don’t get me wrong, nelson. it has nothing to do with the development being slow, the next year would actually be a great moment for a release of 4 if the intent is to get people’s attention back to the game. it’s just the game getting old after some time, and the community just getting smaller and smaller by each day. right now there would have to be a miracle for the community to come back to how it was at first.
even if i’m thinking this way, it’s not what everyone else thinks, so you do whatever you think is right.

even after all that stuff i just said, i gotta say something about this lmao:
eh somewhat true ngl

Rip the homie.

Best of luck my dude. You seemed chill.


I still think this comment I left back on the golden age thread would be a cool way to incentive interaction and give people more things to do within the unturned space.


Following up from my previous comment in this topic: a public board highlighting in-depth suggestions and feedback has now been opened here:

Hopefully it will make the design direction more transparent, and encourage further discussion. Currently there are cards for armor and healing. If it’s well received it will be expanded as development continues, and existing cards will be updated with ongoing feedback.


Farewell Aj

:cry: :wave:

we have lost another brave soldier.

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