Gumballs and Boats


I didn’t work very hard this week. I just made a gumball machine gun and some gumball machines

and a boat


I didn’t work very hard this week. I’ve been pretty sick.

Smell ya later nerds


Nice work so far :+1:

And I don’t know if this is just me, but I’m reminded of Ed Edd and Eddy and their mission to get the last Jawbreakers.


also that makes me remember


image Jawbreaker Gun



you’re sick because you ate too much fucking candy


atleast I don’t have scurvy.


I’m loving this stuff, keep up the great work


This map is looking great, when will it come out?


I don’t even know how this map will feel apocalyptic at all xd


I uh… Feel really old knowing what you mean :joy::joy::joy:


Doesn’t have to, you’re missing the point


Image result for Gumbal


I’m not missing the point. Just wondering how zombies will be in this candyland.


chunky gingerbread men infected by evolved food mold


the belgians are involved


something something soul crystal


Its apocalyptic in a different way. Imagine if everything was just, Candy…


everything would go to shit if the world was made of candy

the ecosystem is dead
the food is diabetes

bad stuff in general


Great job,I hope you get well soon :wink: