Gun balance changes coming next update

Several weapons will be receiving a balance pass here soon, after receiving feedback from the general community here, outside the Forum, and the community-led “3.0 Update Cabinet” group.

Some other quality of life tweaks are being made too.


(Hidden) Buff Shadowstalker MK2

  • Added new Curated map from the M2M team! Welcome to Hell!
  • The Shadowstalker MK2 is now able to be found at farms
  • The Shadowstalker MK2’s fire-rate has been increased to 1200 RPM
  • The Shadowstalker MK2 now deals random crits

oh no


Fuck you forum, let me get excited about buffed shotgun ranges you sack of FUCK


The shotgun will be a buff, but the 12G shell is still hard to find…

Umm, where is the matamorez rebalance? ;-;

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Unbalance*, plz. Make it a sniper again. :wink:

If only he reverteded the changes to the ranger guns when Russia came out.

Oh the memories of Haveing a actural sniper assault rifle…

Ahhh… Those were the days…

I know it’s probably too late to suggest new weapons but damn would I love three actual ranger rifles to be added to the game to stop the weird hybrid stuff we have right now.

Otherwise current changes look pretty good.

should I try to convince him to rework the matamorez

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Convince him to scrap Unturned II but add all its content to Unturned (3.x). Don’t replace anything, but just throw all of it in there. /s

I think of he just made an AS Val and put the current Matamorez’s stats on it, then returned the Matamorez to its original state most people wouldn’t complain too much. Possibly just damage nerf requests.


yes. and the zube.

I love all of these. I just hope the shotgun doesn’t make them too good. They have their niche, making people cry when they hear it right behind them.

Snayperskya is a neat rifle, could be better though. I only really like the Saber because of the extra 50 meters of range. Snayperskya’s muzzle with 50 extra shots and silencer with 25.

PDW is a demon from hell, survival or creative it doesn’t matter. Can’t wait to see some OTHER weapons being used.

Yeah, you should. It’s fine to me, but it was a lot better back in the old days.