Gun suggestion: Mortar

If they aren’t added, at least add the ability to mod mortars.

This idea is great but i think it should need constant repair and aiming and shooting it should require some skill, a slow reload and, a need for constant repair would make suitable for the game. Also it shouldn’t be found in a single piece rather players should collect each part and assemble it.


While I don’t think mortar has any place in normal survival gameplay there definitely needs to be support for mounted weapons such as mortars or grenade launchers or artillery.

What does fit survival gameplay more though and may fulfill similar role is shoulder fired grenade launchers, be it something like M79 or M320. Aside from obvious high explosive ammunition there could be ammo types such as buckshot, flare, illumination, gas canisters, incendiary and even simple rubber bullets (smacking zombies with fat 40mm sounds hella satisfying if you ask me :flushed:). Some of those mentioned ammo types could spawn in plenty of places, from police stations to campgrounds, they could even be salvageable so you could craft different ammo types.

Summing up, mortars on their own are a bad idea but support for such things should be planned. Grenade launchers can fill similar role and much much more and surprisingly they have more place in survival game than it might first seem.


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