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In the video on unturned II devlog, I can see some problem with the ammo UI.
(My english is bad, the new UI ammo system nelson showed us, I call it Unique ammo system"

One problem is that what would happen if there is military drum and it only shows ammo UI without a number of bullets. While it may smart that this gun UI allowed us to see the possible combinations of the ammo in the UI, we would want to know the amount of ammo left rather than counting them.

I suggest that you put the system to check the current amount of ammo left while using this unique ammo UI NO MATTER HOW LITTLE THE CAPACITY OF AMMO IS IN THE MAGAZINE. Also for high capacity magazine, I would like this unique ammo UI to only show only 10 ammo or so if the magazine contain over 10 ammo. When you shoot with the gun with capacity of 11 ammo and shoot one ammo, it would have 10 ammo left, it use up one ammo on the right, and the ammo move like a magazine, then the last bullet would appear in the left. So instead of expanding unique UI, i suggest you put a current number of ammo in a magazine clip on the left side, then put unique UI on the right side,

TL;DR: Think of magazine that only show 1/4 of its clip with transparent material you could see the bullet ( possibly different combination) while you are shooting it

so your suggesting something already confirmed?
Devlog #5

I find the ammo UI in the devlog a little bit obstructing,I would much rather a classic ammo counter or no UI at all.


Did you see the devlog 18??, it show ammo UI

Then you wouldnt know what kind of ammo is there inside the magazine, i actually find it usefull, but not where nelson place it on the screen

so you remove the magazine and look at it, whar’s yer point?

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Do you realise how cumbersome that is?

yeah i know
and your not suggesting ammo are you?
or are you suggesting something else about visible ammo?
i’m very confused by what your talking about

Ok guy I meant like magazine being visible 1/4 of 40 cap mag that u can see what ammo is it isn’t like u literally have to see it. You can just know how much ammo using number and the types of ammo in a magazine while shooting. I’m saying this because I’m worried the new ui ammo is too cumbersome if Nelson only plan to do it with high capacity ammo and it would take too much space in the screen. Think of the mag u shoot with, the ammo is like conveyer belt that have to move 40 items out of the planr, but u can’t see what type of thing is it until it move and drop something off. It be really useful and prevent the ammo ui being cumbersome

It can just say next to the counter.

There can also be an option of choosing whether you want a cartoony animated counter or a classic one.

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